Explore Your Inner Chef with the CareCo Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board

Preparation Board

Cooking is one of the great joys in life. But when you have problems with your hands, wrists and arms, something you have always taken for granted can become extremely difficult. We’ve highlighted a large number of our kitchen utensils and appliances before, but now we are proud to introduce the ultimate in kitchen gadgets – the CareCo Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board. This amazing device takes much of the hard work away from cooking.

How the CareCo Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board Makes Your Life Easier

Whether you are paralysed in one arm, have limited mobility or dexterity, or suffer from debilitating rheumatism or arthritis, the Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board will be a godsend for your kitchen needs. Here are some ways it has helped our customers get on in the kitchen.

Preparation BoardThe Vice Locks Things in Place

The first thing you will notice about the CareCo Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board is the vice or clamp that takes up about one-third of its total space. This might be an unusual attachment to a chopping board, but it’s key to carrying out the kitchen activities for which you have purchased it. You can fix anything into this device – a cheese grater, a loaf of bread, a bowl. It takes the hard work away from holding any item, meaning stability and a firm grip. Slice, chop, stir and grate in relative safety and comfort.

It’s a One-Handed Device

As an extension of that, the CareCo Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board completely frees up one arm so you don’t have to worry about losing control over knives, heavy devices or those too bulky to handle. This is especially useful for people with limited strength or dexterity who still want to be able to cook food from scratch. It’s effectively a third hand so you can free up yours for your personal comfort.

It Attaches to Any Surface

A lot of care has gone into designing the CareCo Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board. It will keep anything you attach to it stable, but what about the board itself? Four powerful suction cups on the bottom ensure it won’t slide around in use, it won’t fall onto the floor. This multipurpose board is all about stability in use from start to finish where food preparation is concerned.

The Spikes Keeps Food Steady

The clamp/vice might be overkill in some cases. You’ll notice a second device attached to the CareCo Multipurpose Fix Preparation Board. It’s a small set of spikes. Simply attach anything that you might wish to cut – potatoes, for example. It will hold anything for which you might need a bit more manual control to cut things smaller. Attach a carrot and slice it as you go along, for example. The carrot won’t move. The clamp is not ideal in this situation but a small set of spikes is much easier to control.

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