Everyday Tasks that Can Improve Fitness in Over-65s

Staying fit as you get older isn’t as easy as it once was. Sore joints and muscles make exercise regimes far more difficult to stick too. However, many older individuals still possess the mobility to retain their physical independence and don’t want to accept a life of sitting around. Fortunately, there are everyday tasks that can provide effective means of keeping up fitness into later life.

Carrying the Shopping

Deterioration of muscle mass is a part of ageing, the best way to reduce or counteract is this is through some form of strength training. However, lifting weights is often too intimidating or unappealing for many. Nevertheless, it’s important to maintain strength into old age to avoid falls and other health issues.

By carrying the shopping manually, you can incorporate strength through regular tasks. Heavy bags that include tins and bottles are the most effective for improving strength and you can pack your bags accordingly to increase weight trip by trip. If you drive to the shops then using jugs of milk or large bottles of water as weights at home can also be a means of retaining strength.

Gardeningfitness garden

Gardening is already a popular hobby, particularly amongst the older generation. However, as we begin to age the thought of getting stuck into the more demanding garden tasks can be somewhat intimidating. Of course, if you do struggle with the more labour-intensive areas of garden maintenance you can stick to gentler tasks like pot planting and pruning.

Nevertheless, if you can muster the energy to get stuck into to digging, light landscaping, or mowing, then it can provide an effective workout. It will improve both strength and endurance, and as you get fitter you can build up the workload. You’ll also have the added bonus of a well-kept oasis to spend time in.


Many people partake in a bit of rambling anyway, but if you only do it once in a while – or not at all – you should seriously consider doing it more frequently. By regularly walking it will improve your cardiovascular health and the fresh air and countryside scenery is great for improving your mood. Additionally, you can join a walking club for socialising if you prefer that to solo walks.

To further improve the impact rambling can have on your fitness you can walk at a brisk pace. The health benefits of upping the intensity is even being pushed by Public Health England in order to improve the health of the older generations.

Household Taskseveryday tasks fitness

Doing the housework isn’t exactly many peoples idea of fun, but even a hoover and dust can help get the blood pumping. However, if you take it that one step further and do a deep clean that requires moving couches or lifting tough stains it can contribute to helping fitness. Considering how tedious cleaning tasks can be, it’s a nice bonus to get a bit fitter while doing something that has to be done.