Essential Everyday CareCo Household Gadgets


Here at CareCo we supply a large number of small, low-cost, every-day devices that we think will help around the house, relieve day to day stress and overall provide a relaxing and pleasant home environment. We love gadgets; we know you do too.

Ironing/Perching Stool

Ironing/Perching StoolHousehold tasks such as ironing, basic DIY and anything that requires a high perch are not always easy when you have poor back health. Shorter chairs and sofas are not ideal and can exacerbate health problems. Bar stools (such as those around a breakfast bar) aren’t particularly comfortable – especially if they have no back. What you need is a high chair for adults with a supporting back for those tasks. Everyday CareCo household gadgets include this useful, foldable, multi-use Ironing/Perching Stool for those tasks where you need a perch for maximum comfort and productivity. The seat and back are adjustable to the extent that it can be used as a support when standing too.

Bin Loofah

Over time, bins will stink and need a good clean to get rid of residues that attract maggots or to simply remove the chemical reactions and bacteria that create smells. Our kitchen and garden bins are quite deep which means you’ll need to bend over to get into them. But that means potential back problems and issues with overstretching. Take the chore out of cleaning the bin and make it easier on yourself with this everyday CareCo household gadget. It’s a simple idea – a loofah for your bin. The 30cm cylindrical head allows you to get deep while the washable cover means you can keep it clean too. But that’s not all; this device’s pole has a range of 106cm (42” approx.) to 160cm (63” approx.)

Inflatable Basin

There are many possible uses for the inflatable basin – to wash in limited space, as camping equipment, to wash your hair when you don’t want a full shower. We’re sure you can think of many more uses for this everyday CareCo household gadget, but these are the most common. It’s no ordinary inflatable basin either. It has a neck recess for comfort when washing your or your child’s hair. This makes it a great accessory for the bed-bound to keep themselves clean without spilling water everywhere. This is vinyl and not latex, so ideal for people with latex allergy.

Ring Pull Can Opener

It’s amazing how easily manual dexterity over our fingers and thumbs can change. It doesn’t even require long-term health problems such as rheumatism or arthritis. Sometimes, even a broken arm or torn finger ligament will do it. All the things we normally take for granted are suddenly closed off to us. A simple act such as tugging a ring pull on a can is problematic. This Ring Pull Can Opener makes light work of opening cans. Simply place the hook end beneath the ring and push the handle down.