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Essential CareCo Post-Surgery Accessories

October 17, 2017 -

Surgery is never pleasant. The one thing that most medical professionals advise us to do is have a period of recovery.

Extended periods of doing nothing can be frustrating; the feeling of helplessness can sometimes lead to mild depression, but rest is essential. However, you can take some of the difficulties out of your recovery phase with the following CareCo post-surgery accessories.

Cast and Dressing Protectorspost-surgery

Suitable for limb breakages or surgery to limbs where wounds need protecting, personal hygiene need not be a chore with these post-surgery accessories.

We supply a range of cast and dressing protectors for arms, feet, and legs, designed to protect you from getting water on your wound, dressing, or cast.

It’s no longer a stressful trial to perform a simple action such as bathing. These secure firmly over the limb with a watertight covering.

The best thing is that they’re reusable, saving you money on replacements. It should be noted that they are not suitable for open wounds.

Grab Bars

Getting in and out of a bath during a recovery phase can be precarious. The risk of injury simply entering a bath or getting out of a shower is greater when you lack stability or have lower fine motor skills.

Attaching a simple grab bar such as one of the many in the post-surgery accessories range can help you get through your daily hygiene routine while having the stability that you need.

Adapta Table posy-surgeryAdapta Table

There is no need to place drinks, food, and other items on your lap or to lean forward to put them on a coffee table. The Adapta Table is an adjustable, lightweight table to wheel over an armchair or sofa, so you don’t have to strain when seated.

Additionally, there is an adjustable top so you can change the level setting depending on what you’re doing. Have it flat for mealtime or have it tilted when reading a book, for example.

Pressure Relief Mattress

For some people, the post-recovery period is one where they must stay in bed for prolonged periods. Unfortunately, staying in bed for days at a time during a recovery phase can lead to pressure sores caused by poor circulation. The best help for this is a Classic Profiling Bed, that allows you to adjust the position to lift the backrest, or legs, to get the most comfortable position. 

CareCo Luxury Lap Tray

Staying with post-surgery accessories for the bedroom, lap trays are not just for Sunday breakfast in bed. For some people, it’s essential to eat meals while remaining in their bed. The CareCo Luxury Lap Tray has a flat surface that you can rise to several different angles making it suitable for daily activities such as reading the newspaper, magazines, books, and e-readers. The four sturdy wooden legs fold out for a stable setting so you don’t need to worry much about it toppling over.

Bed Rails

When recovering from an injury or surgery there is a risk of falling out of bed. That’s why you should consider getting bed rails or other attachments to stop this happening.

You’ll find many options in bed rails in the range of post-surgery accessories, but we’d like to draw your attention to a way to make these much more comfortable.

Geoff Chant
Geoff Chant

Geoff Chant is our mobility & living aids expert. He product tests everything from a can opener to our video door phones. You name it, Geoff has tried it with a critical eye and a strong sense of what can make life easier; something we all appreciate!

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