Essential Guide to CareCo Ear Care Products

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Our ears are precious; they provide one of the most important senses – hearing. As we get older, our hearing deteriorates naturally. During the course of our life we may experience infections that lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. Even colds, influenza, and other viruses may affect our hearing. While there is nothing we can do about viruses or infections, we do have a range of devices that can help you care for your ears. Here are some featured CareCo ear care products.

Why Ear Care is Important

When we’re young and care-free, we play music as loud as we are able as often as we can. We may not be aware of it at the time, but persistent loud noises in young age can take its toll over the decades and adversely affect our hearing earlier than would be normal. Once lost, our hearing often cannot be restored and we become dependent on devices such as the following ear care products.

Medically Approved Hearing Amplifierear care hearing aid

Hearing aids of all kinds must be safe to use, hygienic and practical for the user. Not all hearing loss is due to interior damage and we need to take good care of our hearing, even when we are on our way to varying levels of deafness. This hearing amplifier which gives a whole new lease of life to people suffering hearing loss is medically approved for most users. With adjustable volume and tone, you can tailor this small and effective ear care product for your unique hearing difficulties while protecting your delicate inner and middle ear(s) from noise-related damage.

Watertight Nose and Ear Trimmer

Ear hair affects men more than it affects women and is a typical sign of getting older. Most men will start to experience ear hair in their late 30s or early 40s. There seems to be little evidence of medical benefit for ear hair, even though it has been claimed it reduces debris getting in and causing infections. As with similar claims about nose hair, this is unproven and evidence is mixed. Nevertheless, ear hair is uncomfortable and itchy. This small, compact and simple ear care product can be used wet or dry – ideal for the morning routine to remove unnecessary and unwanted hair after shaving or at any other time of the day.

ear care thermometerInfrared Ear Thermometer with Probe Covers

The ear is often the best place to take a temperature reading; it can also highlight localised temperature differences such as when you have an ear infection. If you have an infection of any kind, you should visit a GP for a course of antibiotics or other treatment. This ear thermometer will read your body’s temperature and warn you when it goes over a normal range and into a range where you probably have a fever. The probe covers are provided to ensure you take a temperature safely and reduce the risk of damaging your outer or middle ear. This ear care product ensures you can do so without risk of pain or damaging something.

Eye Mask and Ear Plug Travel Set

Although this kit is designed to take as a travel accessory to sleep on long-haul flights, earplugs should be an essential part of everybody’s ear care. Too much in the way of loud noises far too often can have a detrimental effect on our hearing – and sometimes the damage won’t become apparent until many years later. The earplugs in this ear care kit mould into your ear canal, reducing the amount of sound reaching your eardrum. You will still be able to hear when at a concert or other loud event, but without risking long-term damage. Ear care products don’t get more basic or essential than this.