Slippers and Hand Muffs to Make You Warmer This Autumn and Winter


You’ve probably noticed that the temperature has dropped as we’re approaching October. The crisp mornings are back and the coats are going back on everywhere you look. For those of you who aren’t suited to the colder climate – whether its down to personal preference or an underlying condition – staying warm isn’t easy. However, here at CareCo we provide clothing items that can make you warmer on even the briskest of days.

warmerMicrowaveable Slippers and Neck Warmer

Cold toes are one of the most unpleasant experiences of cold weather. We’ve all been sitting on the couch trying to make them warmer with a blanket, or stepped on a cold kitchen floor and got an unpleasant surprise. To solve that problem, you may want to consider these Microwaveable Slippers and Neck Warner Set. Both sections can be placed in microwave to heat them up in just a few minutes, providing you with toasty toes. The set is also ideal for soothing aches and pains in your feet and neck muscles.

Deluxe Massage Foot Warmerwarmer

Although not technically an item of clothing, this Deluxe Massage Foot Warmer is a godsend when it comes to those cold nights in. The soft fleece lining is incredibly comfortable to rest your feet in before you’ve even turned on the massage motors. Once you do switch it on you have the option of two massage levels and heat adjustment, so you can find the ideal setting to either get rid of some aches and pains, or just relax in general.

Comfi Fleece Hand Muff

Many people struggle with keeping their hands warm even during the warmer months due to poor blood flow, so when the cold weather rolls in it’s even more difficult. The Comfi Fleece Hand Muff is capable of keeping your hands warm in even the most extreme of cold weather. It comes with a next strap so you don’t need to put it down when you needs to get your hands free.

Simon Shackson

Showroom Manager at CareCo
I have been Showroom Manager of the Canterbury mobility shop since opening in April 2018. I have been in Retail for 22 years and I have seen a vast amount of changes through a sector that I am immensely passionate about. My son is disabled and lives with many conditions and I have experienced some of the stresses and worries that many of our customers deal with on a daily basis. This has given me first hand experience of what parents and carers need.