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Choosing the Right Replacement CareCo Mobility Scooter Battery

March 28, 2017 -
Choosing the Right Replacement CareCo Mobility Scooter Battery

CareCo is proud to supply our customers some top of the range mobility scooters at reasonable prices. As you will see looking through our stock, we offer choices to suit all budgets and requirements from lightweight collapsible to heavy duty use scooters. When you visit our showroom, you may also see a range of accessories to help make your use of your CareCo mobility scooter even easier. One of these is the range of spare and replacement scooter batteries.

Ensure You Get the Right Type

Choosing the right replacement battery depends on a number of issues, not just the mobility scooter model you presently use. Mobility scooters will come with instructions on which battery types to use for a spare or replacement. Some of our models specify which batteries apply to which scooter. If unsure, either consult your paperwork or contact us.

Sealed lead acid type batteries: These are the most common type and the cheapest, but they will not necessarily be the best for you. As an older technology, they are the least efficient. They are better for people who do not use their CareCo mobility scooter quite so often, perhaps only using it outside. If you want to stick with acid types, look more towards the top end. Buying cheap can be a false economy especially for a powerful machine.

Gel type batteries: Although these are essentially acid batteries, it is in gel rather than liquid form. Gel is more efficient in its design, making them a better option for people who rely more on their mobility scooters. If you intend to get more use out of your vehicle, indoors and outdoors, then you’ll need the extra life of a gel battery. They are more expensive on average.

Lithium batteries: We provide several CareCo mobility scooter batteries in this type. Lithium ion is a technology used widely today, not just scooters. Your mobile phone, tablet and ebook reader will all use this type. They provide more energy per charge and are therefore more efficient and better for the environment.

One to Use and One to Spare

If you are a heavy user of your CareCo mobility scooter, it makes sense to keep one in the vehicle and one to spare in case anything goes wrong such as being stuck at the shops with a flat battery. The more you charge a battery, the shorter the life will get.

That’s a fact that cannot be avoided. Modern batteries do have a long life though. Having a fully-charged spare at all times (and rotating between your batteries) ensures maximum usage.

What About Battery Memory?

Don’t be concerned about what is called “battery memory”. It used to be that large electrical devices (such as mobility scooters) needed charging at least once a month or the battery would become unusable. This was a feature of older nickel type batteries.

These are no longer in common use and the problem does not exist with modern types. You can go weeks without using your mobility scooter and not lose usability or life within your batteries. Everything about modern batteries is more efficient and improved over technologies of the recent past.

When the Life is Almost Gone

Your battery will not just stop charging one day. As with your smartphone, laptop, tablet or other portable device you will notice a gradual decline. Towards the end, the life of the mobility scooter battery will have a noticeable decline.

Once that happens you should consider replacing it. If you like to have just one battery, this would be the ideal time to get a replacement and start using that as your main battery with your older model as an emergency spare.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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