Comfort For Couples With a Rise and Recliner Sofa

2 seater recliner sofa

We’ve already featured rise recliner chairs, but were you aware that we also do sofas with this function? We have both two seater and three seater options in the CareCo recliner sofa range. However, size is not the only issue to ponder when decided to buy a reclining sofa. Here, we examine some of our options to help you decide which would be best for you, your needs and your home décor.

Manual Vs Electric

The first major choice you will need to think about is whether to choose a manual or electric recliner. Some of our models come in both options such as the Keswick 2-seater recliner sofa. Manual recliner types are cheaper as they have no electronic parts such as a motor, but they only have two settings – reclined and upright. An electric recliner allows greater control over the positioning but they are more expensive. You will also need to think about the number of motors. A single motor will operate the head and legs at the same time. Multiple motors allow you to move the head and legs independently.

Leather Finish Vs Fabric

The advantages and disadvantages of fabric and leather have been well covered. In summary, leather is durable that it will stand up to long-term use and use over extended periods. Yet it can get uncomfortably warm during the summer. In direct sunlight, leather can get too hot to sit on. Many people still prefer fabric sofas and opt for that type when buying a CareCo recliner sofa for their homes. The bonus of fabric is that it is cheaper but it does wear out much faster than leather. Sometimes, people simply choose one or the other for purely aesthetic reasons. Some prefer the feel of chenille and others the smoothness of leather.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

recliner sofaTwo Vs Three Seater Sofa

The choice of whether customers prefer a two-seater or a three seater comes down to one of two issues: the amount of space and the number of people. A chair and a three seater CareCo recliner sofa will take up less space than two 2-seater sofas, but the size and shape of a room can make a difference too. Yours may be more conducive to the latter.

When deciding which to buy, we recommend measuring your room and comparing against the size of our 2-seater and 3-seater sofas. As some of our sofas come in manual, electric or non-recliner options, you have the choice of keeping costs down by mixing and matching – get one of each when replacing your suite or one reclining and one non-recliner.

Modern Vs Classic Design

Never overlook the physical appearance of a CareCo recliner sofa. Although this choice is one of personal taste rather than having any real design advantage, it’s understandable that you would want a certain look or feel in your sofa. It’s also understandable that you would want to match your present home décor. Our recliner sofas come in a number of attractive designs from the 1970s retro leather Claremont, to a more Regency look and feel to the Sherborne. Or perhaps you prefer a more continental look such as the Norvik? Whatever your aesthetic preferences, CareCo has something for you.

Why Not Visit CareCo?

We strongly recommend visiting a mobility showroom and talking to us about your CareCo recliner sofa needs. Buying any sofa or suite is an important investment and it’s best to do so when in full knowledge of all of your options. We want to give you the best choices of fabric, recliner type, the number of motors, colours and designs. Why not come along and test some of our sofas and look at your fabric options?

Erika Grange