How to Choose the Right Adjustable Care Bed

Juvo Adjustable Care Bed

When you’re recovering from injury or have long-term care needs, you need a bed that can cater to your medical condition. A standard bed will not do, especially if you have just come out of hospital but are not feeling fully 100%. CareCo care beds provide you with the additional comfort and safety you need. Please do look at our range to see whether we have the right model for you.

Why You Might Need a CareCo Care Bed

Why would anybody require a care bed, even temporarily? Our beds feature some of the following functions that can help your recovery or ensure you get a good night of sleep.

  • Electrical operated raising functions: for your legs or your feet, lying prone (flat on your back) may not be the best position for your recovery
  • Drop down sides: for easy getting in and out of the bed and for any attendant who might need to get in close to the bed for direct help
  • Adjustable height: to lower and raise for easier getting in and out of bed when you need to climb in and out of a wheelchair, for example, and so carers don’t have to bend down
  • Anti-slide mechanism: for when the patient is sat or lying at an angle while adjusting the bed
  • Risk mattresses: designed for relief or reduction of risk of pressure sores. The more likely you are the develop them, the higher the grade required

The following CareCo care beds do not have all of these functions, so please do feel free to browse our full bedroom range.

Siesta Homecare

The Siesta Homecare Electric Bed features two adjustable sections – at the knee and the head for fine motor control for your maximum comfort. It comes with side rails to stop you falling out of bed – these are removable if you do not need them. The overhead hand grab helps you climb in and out of bed but makes adjusting your posture much easier.

Invacare Medley Ergo

A long-term favourite in the CareCo Care Bed range, the Invacare Medley Ergo offers multiple height options for perfect carer access and ease of getting in and out. One of the main advantages this model has above some of the others featured is its mobility. It’s more like a traditional hospital bed in that regard. If you don’t like to spend all your time in one room and have the space to move (to watch television or eat a meal) then this is one of the best options.

For more beds, visit our adjustable bed shop and profiling and care beds shop.

Sue Adams

Sue Adams has worked closely with our adjustable bed design and engineering team for many years, and stays up to date with the mobility beds and profiling beds market. She is undoubtedly an expert in beds as she enjoys sleeping on them too!