Why Choose A 6-8 MPH Scooter?

We here at CareCo understand how important it is to keep yourself moving and active if you have mobility problems, and how having your own mobility scooter gives you a sense of independence and freedom. However, while Travel Mobility Scooters and Pavement Mobility Scooters may be exactly what some people are looking for, others may be after something slightly faster, especially if travelling long distance is your intention. So how about a 6-8 MPH Scooter?

Although slightly more expensive than other types of available, 6-8 MPH scooters include a vast array of features and options to choose from, definitely making it worth the asking price. To help you make an informed decision on what type of scooter is suitable for you and your needs, we’ve written up a short blog on three of CareCo’s own 6-8 MPH scooters, their features, and how purchasing one can enhance your lifestyle.

CareCo Titan – versatile and extremely safe

CareCo Titan 6-8 Mph Mobility Scooter
CareCo Titan 6-8 Mph Mobility Scooter

Our first pick is the CareCo Titan, the ideal choice for someone looking to buy their first scooter. High quality and extremely versatile, the Titan is essentially two scooters in one, as with the simple flick of a switch you’re able to convert it from a speedy 8 MPH road scooter to a pavement-friendly 4 MPH scooter (maximum speeds). Working with a delta tiller system, the Titan is suitable for anyone with mobility problems, but also perfect for those only able to use one hand/arm, as its simple controls have been designed to help those most in need. Alongside its ease of use, the Titan is extremely comfortable, complete with a padded swivel Captain’s seat and headrest, ensuring your journey is enjoyable from beginning to end. With its solid, pneumatic tyres and full suspension, as well as a rearview mirror and front lights, the Titan is extremely safe, an element we pride ourselves on here at CareCo. With its 40 Ah battery giving you a 20 mile (32km) range, and maximum weight limit of 21st 6lbs (136kg), the Titan is ideal for many and a great scooter for first-time buyers.

CareCo Daytona XLR – front suspension and 30 mile range

Daytona XLR 6-8 Mph Mobility Scooter
Daytona XLR 6-8 Mph Mobility Scooter

Our second choice is the CareCo Daytona XLR, given 4.5/5 stars by our customers. Similar to the CareCo Titan, the Daytona XLR includes a full swiveling, padded Captain’s seat and headrest, with the ability to recline backwards, giving your journeys a more relaxed feel, as well as a rearview mirror, indicators, lights, and safety brakes, offering you extra peace of mind. Alongside its delta tiller system and pneumatic tyres, the Daytona XLR includes front suspension, which reduces the vibrations felt through the body when the scooter travels over uneven ground, making you feel stable and secure the whole way. The Daytona XLR is also slightly more powerful (50 Ah battery), giving you a huge 30 mile (48km) range between charges, and with its maximum speed of 9 MPH your adventures can go on and on. Able to support a maximum weight of 28st 10lbs (182 kg), this scooter is ideal for anyone looking to get out and about at a faster pace, but unsure as to whether a standard scooter is for them.

Drive Sport Rider – cruiser motorcycle design

CareCo Cruiser 6-8 Mph Mobility Scooter

Our final choice is the Drive Sport Rider, inspired by the classic design of a cruiser motorcycle. Similar to the CareCo Titan, the Cruiser is able to switch easily between road-use and pavement, with a top speed of 8 MPH. Its rotating sport-style seat lets you choose your level of comfort and recline, accommodating those with back problems or joint pain. As well as its headlight, indicators, handbrake and stylish handlebars (replicating the style of a cruiser motorcycle), the Cruiser includes telescopic front motorbike suspension, a twin dial digital dash – making important information easy to read and navigate – and a self-diagnostic fault-finding system, so you can leave all the hard work up to the scooter itself. Plus, with a lockable and removable rear pannier included, your shopping trip has never been so fun and stylish! With its 50 Ah battery giving you a huge 25 mile (40 km) range, and maximum weight limit of 28st 5lbs (180 kg), you’ll be able to show off your CareCo Cruiser all over your local area, making you the talk of the town!

These three choices are just some of the 6-8 MPH road scooter options available through CareCo, the discount mobility company you can trust.

Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder and managing director of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grass roots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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