Cheap Mobility Scooters at Discount Prices

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We have the cheapest entry level mobility scooters on the market and with a growing selection of high-end scooters available, people often forget that we started out as the discount mobility experts. So let’s look at our cheap mobility scooters in each category.

Cheap Lightweight Scooters

scooters under 400

Scooters Under £500

Our cheapest scooter is the CareCo AirLite X which is under £500 (August 2021). This fetching little blue mobility scooter comes with a basket and is designed to be dismantled and transported in a car boot. It doesn’t have any suspension and comes with a small 10 Ah battery, giving it just a 7 mile range. But if all you need it for is a trip around the shops then it is a perfect choice.

scooters under 500

Scooters Under £600

If you want something a little sturdier, then still under £600 we have the cheap Dynamo Travel Mobility Scooter; it has a 6 mile range which is ample for daily shopping. The extra price gives you more comfort with a larger and more padded seat with armrests.

The CareCo Eclipse Travel Mobility Scooter only costs a little more, but comes with a 10 mile range and while light it is very well balanced and certainly looks like a more stable and well-built mobility scooter.

Cheap Road Mobility Scooters

cheap road mobility scooters

Scooters Under £1300

Road legal mobility scooters are more expensive because they need to be more robust, have more powerful motors and larger batteries. Plus, they need superior brakes, along with lights and mirrors. All that being said, the CareCo Titan is still just under £1300 (August 2021) with VAT relief. This is a full speed road scooter that can go 8mph with a range of 20 miles. As expected for a road scooter it comes with a large captains chair with armrests that provide superior comfort over the smaller, cheaper models mentioned above.

Folding Mobility Scooters Under £1200

cheap folding mobility scooters

Folding mobility scooters are generally more expensive than standard travel scooters due to the more advanced engineering required, however, we still have a few great options at under £1000. The cheapest is the I-Go Ultra X Fold which is under £1000. This is great for holidays and when folding down fits into luggage compartments. It has a handy handle and trolley wheels so you can pull it as you would a suitcase.

A great folding scooter under £1200 is the CareCo Scootcase, which is a suitcase scooter – it folds down into a case for safer transport. The small battery helps keep the weight down and a 6 mile range means that it is ideal for city trips and transport between terminals too.

Our cheap models all come with the same guarantees and warranties as the high-end models. They are a great introduction to the world of mobility scooters too, so if you are unsure if a scooter is for you, it is best to start with the cheap model and then if you find that you love them, visit our mobility scooter shop and upgrade in a couple of years!