CareCo Watches and Clocks for Every Occasion


Nobody can get by in life without one eye on the clock. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, a working adult or retired – we live by the clock. Both watches and clocks have an uncanny knack of becoming family heirlooms, lovingly prized and serving as a reminder of previous generations. The following CareCo watches and clocks are functional, attractive and help you organise your day. Whether you are sight-impaired, disorganised, have a coordination difficulty which means a clock is your lifeline, or are simply a heavy sleeper, we have something for you.

watchesTalking Big Digit Watch

The Talking Big Digit Watch is both attractive and functional. Watches and clocks with voice functions are useful in a number of ways. Firstly, they are suitable for people with problems such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, for those with dementia, for those suffering natural memory loss as they get older, and for the sight impaired. This oversized talking watch has four different alarms so you can plan and organise your day around it. Use one alarm for medication reminders, another for appointments and so on.

Wake and Shake Alarm Clock

Heavy sleepers can sometimes sleep right through an alarm or only wake up when it’s been going for a while. The beauty of the Wake and Shake Alarm Clock is that it’s the only model in the CareCo watches and clocks range that uses every trick in the book to wake you up. Not only does it have an extra-loud alarm (95db – about the same level as standing next to a tractor with the engine on) but it also vibrates and has a bright flashing light. Some people with poor hearing wake up easier with vibrations; this is why most phone alarms have this option too. If the Wake and Shake won’t wake you up, perhaps nothing will.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

Talking Analogue Watches

Not everybody likes digital watches, but not everybody can read the face of a clock due to poor eyesight or coordination problems. This Talking Analogue Watch from the CareCo watches and clocks range has the best of both worlds. The top 2/3 of the face is a digital clock face whereas the bottom half has the actual time in digits. You can set the watch to make an audio announcement every hour. This is useful for people who need to set their time by a watch or whose eyesight is insufficient to see either face.

Talking Memo Alarm Watches

Memory problems can be a real hindrance to getting by in life. Do you forget where you parked your car? Or what time the family is coming over? Talking Memo Alarm Watches do not just set an alarm at your specified time – they allow you to record your own voice for specific tasks. If you set an alarm and then forget while you set it, this may be the device for you. The clip recorder is just ten seconds long, but that should be more than enough time to help you remember what you needed to remember.