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Reading Accessories

There are few things in life more enjoyable than putting your feet up in the garden at the weekend – sunshine, a cold drink by your side and your nose buried in a book. At any poolside on holiday, you’ll see old and young, men and women, all walks of life enjoying a good book. When you get older and your eyesight starts to go or you develop rheumatism or arthritis in your hands, this is one pleasure with which you might struggle. The act of merely holding a book can be quite difficult. The following CareCo reading accessories will help you enjoy your book or e-reader in peace and comfort.

High Vision LED Reading Light

Do you want a powerful light by which to read in the evenings but don’t want to switch the room light on? You’re likely to have a problem with lamps in that they don’t tend Book Holder Standto light up enough space. Enter the High Vision Led Reading Light, one of our favourite CareCo reading accessories. Utilising modern energy saving technology in the form of LEDs, you’re guaranteed a powerful light without burning through your wallet. With this model, you have the option of a desk lamp or floor lamp. The former is ideal for when sitting at a desk, the latter perfect for providing light when enjoying a book in your CareCo rise recliner chair.

Book Holder Stand

People who struggle to hold books due to rheumatism or arthritis tend to read in short bursts or avoid large, heavy books altogether. It ruins the simple pleasure of reading when it’s painful to grip. Why not use a clamp or a bracket to hold the book for you? The Book Holder Stand holds books, magazines and other printed material in such a way that you don’t have to. These CareCo reading devices hold things firmly in place, but that doesn’t mean you have to undo the clamp to turn the page. The specially designed soft clamp makes it easy to turn pages without damaging the book. You can bend the arm in almost any direction too, so it’s ideal for reading while lying down.

sheet magnifier used to help read a magazineSheet Magnifier

Poor eyesight is one of those things that inhibit our pleasure of reading. Reading glasses are relatively inexpensive, but not always practical or comfortable. They can also break easily due to flimsy plastic and glass. The sheet magnifier in the range of CareCo reading accessories is as simple as it is useful. It blows up large areas of text such as a large book, newspaper or a map to double the normal size. In some ways, that makes it better than reading glasses and other things you’d rather keep up close.

Reading Rest

reading rest on white backgroundSometimes, all you need is a hands-free stand on which to place your book, magazine, tablet or e-reader. Coming in five colours (red, orange, lime, duck egg and aubergine) and made from sturdy Canadian Alder, the Reading Rest is great. Kick back, put your hands behind your head and enjoy your book in a posture more comfortable for you. It tilts up in a choice of three settings and is large enough and heavy enough to hold most reading material. If you’re self-employed and have a home office, it’s an ideal document holder that means you won’t need to hunch over to read your paperwork.

LED Clip Light

The LED Clip Light is the ideal gadget where one partner in a relationship likes to read late but the other just wants to sleep. Naturally, you cannot read in the dark and any light will inevitably disturb the sleeper. This simple clip light attaches to the book cover. Then, simply bend the arm over into the book. It will bend in almost any direction. The reflective glow in the room is minimal but you – as the avid reader – will experience all the illumination you need.

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