How To Achieve Mindfulness At Home – Relaxation Accessories


Mindfulness is not just a buzzword. It has recognisable medical benefits for low-level stress and anxiety and encouraging you to put your worries to the back of your mind. Most of us can benefit by using a few simple breathing techniques, enjoying a good cup of coffee and feeling the sunshine on your face on a warm summer day. The following CareCo mindfulness accessories may help you develop your techniques and live in the moment, feeling calm and reducing the stresses of our hectic lives.

What is Mindfulness?

In reality, mindfulness is about bringing all of one’s senses to focus on the moment, putting out the anxiety of the future and brooding on the past. If you ever decide to attend a mindfulness class, you will find that some of the tasks are simple. Simply noticing the texture, smell and pliability of a raisin is the most common. Eating and drinking mindfully are the easiest techniques because we all eat and drink. The following CareCo mindfulness accessories may help you develop your own methods

Soothing Sounds Mood Light

We know that lighting can impact our mental state, especially in the darker months. SAD lights help people wake up and get through the day. Of all CareCo mindfulness accessories, we feel that the Soothing Sounds Mood Light is one of the most fundamental to your daily mindfulness routine. While the light creates the right ambience, it is in the sounds where your mindfulness receives the most benefit. Sounds such as the rolling waves of the ocean and birdsong help soothe our minds. This mood light has a choice of five sounds to create the right atmosphere for your relaxation.

CareCo Stress BallCareCo Stress Ball

Although stress balls are useful executive toys for working off negative emotions, there are mindfulness techniques that requiring tensing up the limbs. One of the most common is to clasp the hand into a fist and tense the muscles in the arm and let it completely relax, noticing the changes. This is much easier when there is something to hold onto so why not purchase one of the simplest CareCo mindfulness accessories, such as this stress ball? Also useful for rehabilitation and general stress relief. We recommend focusing on the ball as a subject of your mindfulness; you’ll find all your worries dissipate when consumed with the ball.

Deluxe Massage Foot Warmer

Not the first of CareCo mindfulness accessories to come to mind, most people use foot massagers for pain relief. However, when sat in a comfortable chair with a Comfi Foot Warmer on your body, it’s reasonably easy to use them for mindfulness. Feel the heat through your feet, notice the sensations or if you put it against your bare skin, notice how it makes your hair or skin feel. Mindfulness is about drawing attention to what is going on in the here and now; right now, you have a warm mass on your body, filling your brain with a mass of sensations on which to focus all of your energies.