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Christmas is a wonderful time, but it is also stressful and hectic. We all need respite from organising everything from beginning the Christmas shopping right up to cooking dinner on the big day. In all this, are you giving yourself enough time to relax? You do need to pause to recharge, especially during the busiest periods. Take time out for yourself and you will come back to it recharged. Luckily, CareCo massage products allow you to do just that.

The Benefits of Massage Equipment

Who doesn’t like a good massage? The medical benefits of some types are never in doubt – sports massages help people perform in gruelling competitions. There are also some benefits of massage to rheumatism. For those without obvious physical medical need, the benefit is more therapeutic. It works as a kind of mindfulness to help us calm ourselves from the distractions of the world. We all need a bit of mindful relaxation and focus. We can’t eliminate stress, but we can improve how we cope with it. So, on Christmas Eve this year, take a pause ahead of the mad rush with these CareCo massage products.

CareCo Shiatsu Massage Cushion

The Heated Shiatsu Massage Cushion uses four massage balls driven by two motors within the cushion to gentle massage your head or back. It also has a heating option.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

Zest Infrared Foot Massager Massage Foot Warmer

Settle in for the Christmas Eve night, mulled wine in one hand and Carols from Kings on the television, with the Zest IR foot massager. When using this, you can make it clear to family that you have no intention of going anywhere until bedtime.

CareCo Deluxe Foot Spa

If soaking your feet in bubbles of water is more to your liking, then you cannot go far wrong with one of our foot spas from the CareCo massage product range. Simply place it on the floor, plug it in and soak your feet. There are three massage settings with this particular model including an acupressure option. It even has a built in aroma diffuser for those who like to experience pleasant scents as part of their self-pampering routine. You don’t need to bend down to change the setting – simply use your feet.

CareCo Cooling Gel Comfort Pillow

Memory foam is good for our physical well-being; that’s why the CareCo massage product range offers this essential relaxation item. Memory foam shapes to the unique shape of the body of its user. Although not a massage product in itself, the gel comfort pillow in our range provides vital support for the neck and back and superior comfort for your body. We understand that some pillows, especially those using gel for your comfort, are not great at dispersing heat. They can become uncomfortable over time. Not so with the cooling gel pillow; it has a cooling effect to help maintain body temperature.

Other Items in Our Range

This is not the extent of CareCo massage products, merely a small selection of some of our favourites and the most popular amongst our customers. We have massage chairs, neck and back massagers, and massage belts. Please look at the Christmas Gift section and perhaps you will find the ideal Christmas Eve gift to yourself!

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