CareCo Is Ready For Brexit

CareCo Warehouse Oct 2019

Brexit is potentially just one week away, although a delay is looking increasingly likely. Brexit has divided the nation, but as the date looms closer the mood is changing and customers have expressed concern regarding the delivery of larger items. Please rest assured, CareCo is Brexit ready! Our central warehouse is fully stocked with our best selling riser recliners, mobility scooters, powerchairs, wheelchairs, bath aids and thousands of other mobility products and daily living aids.

What Problems May Brexit Cause?

The greatest concern for businesses in the UK is the import of products and parts from overseas. We source many of our products from British manufacturers (you can see all our British made riser recliners here) and manufacturer our own branded products outside of the EU. We also sell products from Pride Mobility, Drive DeVilbiss, Electric Mobility, Uniscan, and Topro, which are all UK suppliers too, some with HQ in America. We do not expect any disruption in our current supply chains.

Frequently Asked Brexit Questions

Will I still be able to get replacement parts?

Yes, we stock some spares and many others are held in UK based warehouses by our suppliers, so our engineers will still be able to repair damaged mobility products.

Will prices go up because of Brexit?

We will keep the prices of all CareCo branded mobility products at current levels – we’ve already manufactured and purchased the stock, so changes to the value of the pound or changes to import duty will not affect our product prices. We will of course review pricing points in 2020 as part of a standard annual review. Prices of other brands may increase in line with market prices, although we are hopeful that there will be no increases in the short-term.

Will deliveries take longer?

We do not foresee any increase in delivery times in the event of Brexit. As we stock most products, delivery times should not change in the short term. We will be monitoring the supply chain closely in the weeks and months after Brexit and if for any reason some items start to take longer to arrive, we’ll update the website with predicted availability. If the website says it is in stock, then it is available to be shipped to you immediately. While traffic across the Channel may be impacted, traffic within the UK should remain unchanged.

New Stock Arriving Daily Throughout Summer

new stock arriving at CareCo
Another delivery lorry arrives at CareCo Brentwood

New stock has been coming in daily throughout the summer and early autumn with the deliveries and warehouse staff working flat out to ensure we are as ready as can be. Our warehouse is full, along with our storage centres that are located across Essex. We have also ensured all our mobility shops are fully stocked.

The photo above shows just one section of the main warehouse, which at 50,000 square feet is the equivalent of 18 tennis courts, or around 400 single garages – and if you use your garage for storage you will have a good idea how much you can pack in there!

The full warehouse is making it more of a challenge for our stock pickers and warehouse managers, but advanced retail systems are in place to ensure the smooth running of operations.

As it currently stands, Brexit is looking more likely to happen in the first quarter of 2020. Whenever it actually goes ahead, we are prepared and expect no major interruptions to our business, so you may shop with confidence at CareCo.