High Back Chairs Benefit The Elderly

High Back Chair

We’re proud of our record for selling high-quality rise recliner chairs. They have their benefits but we realise that these are not for everybody. Some people need much more support for their back than a typical riser or rise recliner chair can provide. One great alternative is a CareCo high back chair. We have a large range of this type of chair suiting all aesthetic preferences, designs and budgets.

Benefits of High Back Chairs

Why would you choose a CareCo high back chair over any other type of chair? They have specific uses, but also a matter of personal preference.

  • High back chairs offer better support for the head, neck and shoulders than other types of chair
  • They are better for the back, from the base of the neck all the way down to the lumbar (an area often neglected in terms of support)
  • Some people feel they are simply more comfortable than armchairs or rise recliners, offering ergonomic design for a more comfortable and relaxing approach to seating
  • Most have adjustable features – usually the legs for extra height for people with back problems

Eden High Back Chair

The first CareCo high back chair in our range is this popular budget model. It’s sturdy with height-adjustable legs, making it an easy model to use for people with mobility issues. If you struggle to sit down and don’t want a chair that sits too low because of your mobility, this would be a great entry-level model. If it’s lumbar support you need, this model has extra padding for your back. At present, the Eden high back chair is available only in blue.

Simple and unassuming, it makes a great dining chair but with more support than you might expect. It is height adjustable, making it easier to stand and sit. It has superior lumbar support and comfortable armrests for a relaxing evening watching the television, reading the newspaper or generally relaxing. It won’t look out of place in any room in your home but will probably be most at home in your lounge.

Breydon Wing Chair

The Breydon wing chair is at the top of the range of CareCo high back chairs and one of our favourites. It’s simply one of the sturdiest that we have. Not only does it offer great lumbar support, the high back is contoured for a natural back shape. Chunky arms offer great hand support and firm grip. For people who need CareCo pressure relief devices, it has a removable cushion. That’s customisation you don’t get on most high back chairs. As the frame is solid beech, you can rest assured of superior support from this chair and a long life.

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