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CareCo Dynamo Review - Best Buy Mobility Scooter

October 20, 2015 -
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Before purchasing any mobility aid it's advised you carry out as much research as possible to ensure you're getting the best help suited to your needs. Whether you compare products online, test-drive in-store, or read reviews (like this one!), it all helps towards making your final choice.

To give you a better idea of what's on the market today we bring you a review of the If you've already been carrying out some research you'll know that there are three types of scooter manufactured: travel, pavement and 6-8mph/road-worthy. The Dynamo fits comfortably into the 'travel' category - but what does this mean? What benefits does the Dynamo offer?

Designed for its portability, the Dynamo is incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it ideal for short trips out to the shops and visiting family and friends. Fitted with a splitting mechanism you're able to quickly disassemble the frame, with each of the five pieces easy to carry and pack away, whether you store your scooter indoors or in your car's boot.

Complete with 12 Ah batteries and with a maximum speed of 4mph, the Dynamo is able to travel up to 6 miles (10km) between charges, giving you enough power to get around your local town and back home again. By combining all of these intelligent features the CareCo Dynamo is the perfect model to take with you on holiday, home or abroad, as you're able to store the individual sections within any vehicle or a plane's hold, and is compact enough to keep in your hotel room, charged and ready for your next outing.

What also sets the Dynamo apart from many other travel models is its delta tiller bar. While most are fitted with a standard tiller, designed to resemble the handlebars of a bicycle, a delta tiller features rounded handles, increasing the surface area and making your grip tighter and safer.

Delta tillers are recommended for those with limited dexterity in their hands and fingers, limited mobility in their arms, and even those lacking the use of a hand/arm as you're able to manoeuvre the handlebars with simple push/pull movements - it's as easy as that! Finished off with a padded swivel seat and adjustable armrests, the CareCo Dynamo provides hours of comfort, guaranteeing every journey will be as pleasant as the last.

Plus, with a maximum user weight of 18 stone (115kg) it opens up the world of mobility scooters to a wide range of people.CareCo Dynamo Interested? The CareCo Dynamo is one of the cheapest travel mobility scooters available!

This cheap scooter also includes the batteries and charger.

Want to know more? Ready to place an order? Just give our friendly sales team a call on 0333 015 5000 today! View our entire mobility scooter range here.

Will Harrison
Will Harrison

Will Harrison is the founder of CareCo. He has worked in the mobility industry his entire life and grown CareCo from a grassroots business in his family home to the UK's leading mobility retailer with nationwide mobility showrooms and operating in the global market.

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