Do You Find It Hard To Prepare and Eat Meals? These Aids Will Make Dining Easier

Dining Accessories

Sitting down to enjoy a meal is one of the simple pleasures in life. But when you have medical conditions that mean you struggle to open jars or hold things in place while cutting, it can be an anxious and difficult process. The following CareCo dining accessories aim to make life easier in the kitchen and at the dinner table so you can enjoy your meal in comfort and safety.

Use A Food Guard

The CareCo ServSafe is designed for people with limited use or fine motor control in just one arm, the food guard in the CareCo dining accessories range provides something we all need from time to time – a barrier to stop food spilling out onto the table, the tray or our laps. This is especially useful for people who struggle with fine motor control. It will fit almost any plate between 7” and 10” diameter, attaching to the rim and providing a secure surface against which to stabilise a spoonful or forkful of food. This product is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Safer Chopping

Easi-Fix Non-Slip Multi Purpose Rolls provide a safe, non-slip solution to the classic chopping board. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned and high-quality chopping board, but as these are often made from polished wood, they can slip around. This can make chopping herbs and spices, crushing garlic and even slicing meat quite difficult. It can also be dangerous if your dexterity is limited. Enter the Stay Put Chopping Board safety mat. This goes underneath your chopping board, acting as a mesh that stabilises the board and everything on it. You’ll never worry again about the problems of chopping with this CareCo dining accessory.

Easy To Hold Knives and Forks

Dining AccessoriesOur Arthritis Friendly Cutlery Set replaces your standard cutlery to help with arthritis. If you can no longer grip as well as you were once able and need a little more support with ergonomically designed cutlery. How are these cutlery sets arthritis friendly? The handles have improved contours, making simple gripping easier than standard cutlery. They are designed in such a way as to complement how you will hold them rather than simple and traditional straight designs.

Open Any Tin!

It’s likely that you already use an electric tin opener, so why should you use the Tornado Tin Opener instead? It’s lightweight and much easier to use than most other models. It’s completely hands-free. All you need to do with this CareCo dining accessory is attach it and press the button. As other models age, they get out of shape increasing the risk of cuts when washing up. There is no fiddly attachment, no lever to press and no sharp edges at the end.