The CareCo Range of Daily Living Aids

StayPut Twister Grips
Tea Tool Living Aid
Tea Tool Tea Bag Squeezer

If you suffer from limited mobility, arthritis, or limited dexterity, some of the more simple tasks that a lot of us take for granted can actually become quite difficult and intimidating. With that in mind, we thought we would draw your attention to some of the fantastic daily living aids that we sell here at CareCo. Whether it’s opening jars, making a cuppa or just looking after yourself and your health, we’re sure you can find something that will help make your home life convenient and comfortable.

Help Around The Kitchen

4 Pack StayPut Twister Grips: If you lack dexterity in your hands, twisting the lid on jars can prove difficult, and even stop you from cooking your favourite meals. With these eco-friendly StayPut Twister Grips you’ll no longer have to worry about removing stubborn lids.

Tea Tool Tea Bag Squeezer: A personal favourite in the CareCo office, the Tea Tool is a simple solution to getting your tea bags out of the mug mess-free. Simply pop a tea bag in the tool, leave it as long you like, then press the plunger to squeeze the bag and release all the flavour and excess water before pulling the plunger to drop the bag in the bin.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

Oak Non-Slip Tray: Even the most mobile of us can be prone to the odd spillage here and there. This Oak Non-Slip Tray will help protect your carpet and your furniture when you take hot drinks from room to room in your house. We’ve tested these trays ourselves, and found that they can tilt up to 40 degrees without spilling!

Personal Health and Care

Stackable Pill Box Living Aid
Stackable Pill Box

Nail Clipper with Magnifier: If you have particularly tender skin on your hands and feet, it can be difficult to keep the nails clean and well looked-after. These Aidapt Nail Clippers offer extra usability with a removable plastic cover for improved grip, and a hinged magnifier to help you really see what you are doing.

Stackable Pill Box: If you unfortunately have to cope with taking large amounts of different medication, it can be difficult to keep on top of what you need to take and when. The bright and vibrant stackable levels of this pill box screw easily into the bases of each other to make taking your medication simple and carefree.

Digi Blood Pressure Monitor: If you are managing high blood pressure save yourself a trip to the doctors with your own blood pressure monitor.

Alarm Clocks and Handy Reminders

Solar Alarm Clock: Save time and energy with this solar-powered alarm clock. The neat and modern design features a large, clear display and offers hourly chime as well as alarm options.

Classic Alarm Clock: With this classic alarm clock you can get the time at a glance, and guarantee to be woken in time for an early appointment, or your favourite TV show!

Talking Memo Alarm Watch: Keep forgetting your shopping lists? This watch can record up to ten seconds of sound, so whether it’s your shopping list or your parking space that you struggle to remember, this watch will keep you covered. Just speak to your watch and then play back later.

Not found what you’re looking for? Follow the link to browse the whole range of living aids available, as well as our special CareCo products page.