CareCo Competition Giveaway – Watch our June 2018 Winner’s Video

CareCo Competition Video

Elizabeth’s husband Len has lived with mobility problems for several years. And as many of you know all too well, any condition which affects your mobility can be a real hindrance to your general well-being and independence, stopping you from getting out and about as much as you used to.

Elizabeth entered the CareCo competition on behalf of Len, hoping that a new CareCo Eclipse Mobility Scooter would help them to enjoy life to the full.

And of course, she was thrilled when we got in touch to tell her that she was the lucky winner of our June giveaway!

We were just as thrilled to deliver the couple’s new scooter, so we tagged along with the always lovely Jim for a chance to see their smiling faces.

Have a watch of the video below, and don’t forget to enter this month’s CareCo competition!

The CareCo Eclipse is a fantastic travel mobility scooter – just the thing to help Elizabeth and Len get out and about comfortably! One of our first scooters and still one of our favourites, the Eclipse features a clever design that means it can be stored in a vertical position, saving loads of space indoors!

The 12Ah battery offers a generous 10 miles of travel between charges. And the inclusion of an off-board charging feature means you only have to remove the battery in order to top up. So, if you keep your scooter in the garage, you can leave it in there and just pop the battery back in when you next nip out.

The Eclipse has a tight turning circle too, which really helps you to navigate busy supermarkets and crowded high streets.

Want a closer look? Go to our CareCo Eclipse product page to see Alistair and Will in the CareCo test centre.