Car Accessories to Make Your Journeys Easier

car handle

Cars are a lifeline for most people – with or without a disability. But a car on its own doesn’t feel like ours until we’ve added the personal touches. These can be aesthetic (seat covers, scented hangers) or functional (mobile phone holder, drinks holder). CareCo car accessories largely fall into the functional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive and don’t make your vehicle look and feel cosier for those longer journeys and that dreary morning commute.

Portable Car Grab HandleCar Handle

People with mobility problems in their legs can struggle to get in and out of the car. What if you had a special car handle by the side to ease the transition? This handy little device does that. It slots safely and securely into your lock latch. It’s comfortable to grasp and will stay in place when you put your weight on it. The aluminium won’t break easily and you’re secure for up to 160kg of weight. Do you drive during the darker hours? No problem; parking in poorly-lit areas won’t hinder your use of the device thanks to a powerful LED to help you see what you’re doing.

Perfect Position Mini MountPerfect Position Mini Mount car

Although mostly designed for use around your home to protect posture when using a tablet or mobile phone, we include this in the list of CareCo car accessories because it will fit inside your vehicle. The driver may use it as a fully-flexible mount for a satellite navigation system (dedicated device or mobile phone) or for younger passengers to focus on watching films or playing around with a tablet instead of interrupting and annoying the driver. Suction cups attach firmly and the solid grip ensures you won’t have to worry about stopping to put it all back together again.

Autoslide – Get In And Out Your Car EasierAutoSlide car

There are many CareCo car accessories around today to help disabled drivers, carers and family aid independence. One of the biggest struggles for a driver with a disability is simply getting in and out of a car. The major problem is the fine movements associated with entering and exiting – namely, turning and sliding forward. This handy AutoSlide device makes turning and moving the user so much easier. While its main focus is independence in getting in and out, there are handles at the side which allow for an assistant to provide a little more stability when required.

Gel Comfort CushionGel Comfort Cushion car

Simple, soft, lightweight and transportable. This multi-function gel cushion CareCo car accessory has one intended use in mind – comfort while seating. It’s also perfect for your wheelchair, your CareCo riser recliner chair, and dining chairs, but it’s also perfect for those long car journeys when numbness and discomfort eventually start to set in. The cushion moulds to your body shape which adds that extra layer of smooth comfort to your seating arrangement.

Heated Back and Seat MassagerHeated Back and Seat Massager car

If the cold weather of early February has taught us anything, it’s not to take for granted that the worst of winter is over. Heavy snow into February is not beyond the realms of possibility as demonstrated this year. The heating sensation on the Heated Back and Seat Massager will keep you warm, but for some people, long journeys in a cold car can lead to stiff muscles and exacerbate health problems. The massage setting on this CareCo car accessory will help your journey go smoothly while mitigating those aches and pains.

In-Car Inverter – Charge Your Scooter From Your CarIn-Car Inverter car

This simple electronic attachment that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter mobility charger allows you to use the car’s engine to charge your mobility scooter. This is perfect for when you’re going on a long journey and need to take the scooter and would rather charge up your other vehicle along the way. This way, you can use it when you stop at motorway services and other breaks.