CareCo Bedroom Accessories for Your Comfort

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Winter is cold and flu season. Most of us can’t get away from it. Some of us need to spend time in bed, take a day off from work or chores and get over it. Even when we’re not ill, sometimes we simply like to prop ourselves up in bed and experience the pure joy of being lazy for a whole morning. Resting and recovering from illness or injury, or simply having a lazy morning, is easier when you have the right bedroom accessories.

Flo-Tech Lumbar Pad

Sitting up in bed when ill can sometimes put a strain on the back. People with back problems tend to need extra lumbar support to reduce that strain of sitting for long periods. Flo-tech Lumbar Pad wraps around the body and sits at the back, offering both comfort and support when in bed. The adjustable straps will mean you can sit and read a book, eat breakfast or simply recover from illness in an upright position without too much discomfort. The memory foam will mould to the contours of your back while the firmer foam on the reverse provides that vital support.

bedroom accessoriesAdjustable Bed Backrest

Pillows are not ideal for long periods of sitting up in bed. Even the firmest tend to sag as they mould in the gap between your body and the headrest or wall. Of all CareCo bedroom accessories, we feel that the Adjustable Bed Backrest is one of the most innovative. It provides much more support than your pillows can offer; what’s more, you can adjust it for maximum comfort when sat up in bed. It has a padded headrest and multiple angles. You can even put a pillow between it and your body for that extra comfort.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

Perfect Position Mini Mount

A prolonged spell in bed recovering from illness is bad enough, but to stay in bed all day without entertainment to hand could drive you stir crazy. Keep your entertainment options open with the Perfect Position Mini Mount. Designed to work with your tablet or smartphone, it needs attaching to the wall, but once it is you will have hands-free use of your mobile electronic devices. You are able to watch Netflix, play Candy Crush, surf Facebook or email friends and family. This simple device helps keep you connected and entertained when you can’t leave your bed or have been told by your Doctor to rest.

Gel Comfort Cushion

Is your mattress getting a little on the old side? Can you feel the springs against your buttocks? Do you have to keep adjusting your body to keep comfortable? Most of us experience this discomfort, especially when sat in a cinema seat for several hours. It’s unpleasant at the best of times but is almost unavoidable when in bed recovering from illness. You need support for your bottom and your thighs to relieve pressure associated with sitting up in bed for long periods. The Gel Comfort Cushion moulds to your body, adjusting to the contours. This means no painful areas and no numb backsides when you’ve been sat in the same position for too long.

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