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Recovering From A Broken Arm or Leg? We're Here To Help

April 07, 2017 -

waterproof cast protector for showingBreaking an arm or a leg is painful but easily corrected given time and rest.

The biggest problem is that it is such a nuisance, inhibiting many of your daily activities for several weeks. Making a meal, going to work and even showering/bathing can be problematic.

It’s time to learn some new skills and ingenuity; luckily, there are some great options in CareCo bathroom equipment to help you get through life during this difficult time.

Cast Protectors

We supply six different Cast Protectors: Stay Dry Arm Protector, Stay Dry Leg Protector, and Stay Dry Foot/Ankle Protector.

These simple cast protectors slip over the affected area to protect the wearer’s cast from water damage. They fasten at the top to ensure a waterproof cover when bathing so you can keep yourself clean.

They are not suitable for swimming or for use with open wounds and should only be used by one patient. Why should you protect your plaster cast? The first reason is that the cast can get soggy when it is exposed to water; it may slip off. The second problem is that water may then seep through the cast and cause infection.

Wet Wipes

When you really cannot have a bath or shower when you have a broken hand, leg or arm, personal hygiene is easier with these wet wipes.

Although designed for travel, this CareCo bathroom equipment can be a great way to keep clean when you have limited control over one or more of your limbs due to injury. Simply add a little water and they expand into a washcloth, making it easier to keep yourself clean when you can’t have a good soak or take a shower.

Bath Brushes

While you can take a bath (with care) when you have a broken arm, your manual dexterity is not as good as it is as when you don’t have a broken arm.  

The Revolve Long Handle Rotating Bath Brush is one of the most popular bath brushes in our range for people with mobility problems.  It is lighter than most bath brushes, has a great ergonomic design for easier handling and soft bristles that won’t irritate the skin.

Unlike many other bath brushes, it has a hanging loop for easy reach the next time you want to take a bath or shower.

Other products in this range include the Independence 3 in 1 Folding Bath Set, Vitality Applicator with Massaging Head, and Aqua Foot Cleaner & Pumice.

Bath Safe Anti-Slip Mat

Your balance might feel a little precarious when you have a broken limb and you cannot – for the time being – use your broken arm or leg for stability. Slipping in the bath can cause extra injuries. That’s why you need a little bit more support for your body.

The StaySafe Anti-Slip Mat is a great addition from the CareCo bathroom equipment range, providing a safe surface on which to sit or stand when you can’t stabilise in other ways.

You can also be assured of your stability getting in and out of the bath or shower and not worry about failing over when inside.

Bathmate Bath Board

When a full soak is out of the question but you feel you desperately need a bath for your personal hygiene, bath boards are a great compromise.

The Bathmate Bath Board is solid enough to take a person’s weight. Place the board across the bath and sit down with your feet dangling into the tub.

Then use the water around you to clean yourself. This is ideal if you have a broken arm but your legs are fine. They are stable so you can sit in comfort and safety, scooping up the water with ease.

Jim Powell
Jim Powell

Jim Powell has been designing accessible bathrooms for over 20 years and over recent years has worked closely with mobility advisers to explore the best way to assist the elderly and infirm in that most private but essential part of our lives. His expertise, knowledge and understanding helps our customers to regain or retain the dignity we all deserve.

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