What’s The Difference Between Bath Lifts and Bathing Cushions?

Bathing Cushions

Having a bath is not just about personal hygiene and cleanliness. A good soak can be a great method of self-indulgence. But when struggling with mobility, it can be unsafe to try to get in and out of a bath without assistance. CareCo supplies equipment to help you get on with some of the daily tasks that others take for granted. One of these options is a CareCo bath lift or bathing cushion. There is no reason to limit your activities when you struggle to get in and out of a bath. Which is best for you and how do you choose?

What is a Bath Lift?

We supply a number of options in CareCo bath lifts. They vary in price, size and function but they essentially fulfil one important duty. They are designed as electronic seats to lift you in and out of a bath. They work like seats, using the same mechanical equipment as your electric CareCo rise recliner chair or your adjustable bed. There is obviously one difference – they fit in your bath and the motor works to raise you up and down so you may wash in safety.

Bathing CushionsWhat is a Bathing Cushion?

A bathing cushion works on the same principle as a bath lift. It is designed to lower and raise your body so that you may enter and exit the bath safely and comfortably. However, this model differs in that rather than being a solid device much like a chair, it is inflatable. It operates electronically like regular bath lifts but with several key differences. At present, we supply just one CareCo bathing cushion type but whether you choose this or one of the CareCo bath lifts depends on your personal requirements.

Which Is Best? Read Our Review Guide

What are you personally looking for in a bath lift? Here are some of the attributes to consider before deciding which you should buy.

  • Your weight: If you carry extra weight and need a device with the extra power to lift you in and out, you should consider purchasing one of the solid-frame bath lift devices. The powerful motors of bath lifts are stronger than the pump used to inflate and deflate bath cushions
  • Stability: If you have weak limbs or back or otherwise feel you need a little extra stability, consider a bath lift. Another issue is how much control you have over your upper body; bath lifts are great devices for that extra support but if you have good upper body strength, a cushion is a better option
  • Comfort: Perhaps you prefer to feel comfortable while being lowered in and out of the bath and don’t need quite so much support, then the CareCo bathing cushion may be more to your liking. Nothing beats the comfort of inflatable furniture
  • You’re the only user: Bath lifts can be heavy and cumbersome. If you share the bathroom with multiple people, you should look towards bathing cushions. After all, you have mobility problems and it can be problematic to keep attaching and removing the device. Cushions are light and easy to move out of the way. If you don’t need to keep moving the bath lift and will nearly always keep it fixed in place, then this should not be a problem
  • Portability: Do you travel around a lot but need the support for getting in and out of a bath? In this case, your best option will certainly be the inflatable bathing cushion. It packs away easily and doesn’t take up too much space. What’s more, it can be easily stored with your luggage when going away for a few days

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