CareCo Bamboo Products: Why is it so Popular?

bamboo forest

It’s in our clothing and our furniture; we make reusable coffee cups from it, appliances and utensils. It creates edible by-products that go in Chinese and other Far Eastern Cuisine. Why has the world suddenly gone crazy for bamboo? Is it about to become the next big thing or is it a passing fad? And what are the implications for growers today? It has many benefits; that is why you will now find some CareCo bamboo products in stock.

Why Bamboo is So Popular

People across the world have always used bamboo in furniture. That part of the mass agriculture and use of bamboo is not what surprises us. It’s the other areas where it is presently undergoing a boom. Until a couple of years ago, you’d probably never heard of bamboo socks. If you’re environmentally conscious and take your own coffee cup with a lid into your favourite coffee shop, you probably use a plastic one – but they’re making these from bamboo now and they are just as solid and sturdy.

  • Bamboo fabric has anti-microbial properties that cotton does not possess. Simply, you will smell less and feel cleaner on average
  • Bamboo is grown sustainably – much more so than cotton. The roots are deep and it rarely needs replanting. Genetically, it is one of the most pest-resistant crops in the world. That means no potentially harmful pesticides
  • It’s both lightweight and sturdy, making it great wood for use in furniture. Bamboo furniture is easier to transport and move than heavy woods such as beech
  • Sustainability is also the main reason people choose bamboo coffee cups. Others contain plastics (made from fossil fuel) that are environmentally harmful

The following CareCo bamboo products make the best use of this sustainable material. Soon, we expect manufacturing to cover a much broader area.

CareCo Bamboo Products

bamboo bath stoolDeluxe Bamboo Bath Stool

If sustainably produced goods are what you want from CareCo bamboo products, then there is no better option than this bamboo bath stool. It has aluminium legs, so it’s sturdy to use and easy to move. The reason it has a bamboo seat rather than any other type of wood is the antibacterial function. Bathrooms are wet places where fungi can build up quite easily. The water drainage on the seat will help keep your seat looking good and working exactly how you need it. Suction cup ferrules on the bottom mean you won’t damage your bath or shower interior.

Men’s and Ladies Underwear

Underwear is a growth area for CareCo and we’re proud to bring you some of the best, modern, functional yet attractive examples of incontinence underwear. This is one area where CareCo bamboo products always work best. From hipster men’s trunks to lace boy shorts and regular knickers, you can be discreet and comfortable at the same time. The bamboo with which these garments are woven has antimicrobial properties. Not only will they look and feel great, they give the user protection while wearing them too. Feel cleaner for longer, every time. Bamboo is not just limited to specialist clothing anymore; it’s mainstream.Bamboo Products

Bamboo Raisers

Bamboo is one of the sturdiest yet lightweight woods presently available. It’s strong, stable and light at the same time, requiring little in the way of maintenance and treatment. These attributes have led to the use of bamboo in bed raisers and chair raisers – both of which we supply as CareCo bamboo products. The bed raiser comes in a set of four, designed to raise a bed enough for people with mobility issues to get in and out. Similarly, the chair raisers also come in a set of four and are for use with any CareCo rise recliner chair. Bamboo’s soft nature means it will not wear away your floors or damage your carpet.