CareCo Audio Accessories for the Hard of Hearing

hard hearing audio

Are you hard of hearing? Are you losing your hearing due to age or has an ear infection caused permanent damage to your hearing? You don’t have to suffer with this problem; technology has advanced so much and you can now do things that may have been difficult for you just a few years ago. Here are some essential CareCo audio accessories for the hard of hearing to improve your quality of life and help you go about your day.

Behind the Ear Medically Approved Hearing AmplifierMedically Approved Hearing Amplifier

Looking like an old-fashioned hearing aid, the Behind the Ear Medically Approved Hearing Amplifier is state of the art audio equipment for the modern person with poor hearing. It’s an entry-level CareCo audio accessory that does exactly what you need it to do. It’s small, lightweight and comfortable on the ear having been made from light materials that won’t irritate the skin. It has dual controls – one for volume (the loudness of noise) and one for tone (the pitch of a sound). These require 1* LR44 batteries. This is fully medically approved with a CE Mark class 11a.

under pillow vibration alarm clock

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

Getting up for an appointment or for work in the morning can be problematic when you’re hard of hearing, but the Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock solves this problem. It not only has an audio sound to wake you up, it also vibrates. This is useful for the hard of hearing, deep sleepers for whom few noises will actually wake them and people who don’t want to disturb a sleeping partner. For the deaf and heard of hearing, put the device beneath the pillow and you’ll feel the vibrations through it.

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CL8500BT Clamshell Mobile PhoneCL8500BT Clamshell Mobile Phone

The hard of hearing have (nearly) always been an untapped market for mobile phones until new technologies made it possible. Don’t be put off by the “retro” clamshell appearance of the Talking Clamshell Mobile Phone – it’s fully compatible with your hearing aid, so long as it uses M4/T4 standards. With seven audio levels and a visual alert for when it’s ringing, this is your best link to the outside world when out and about. The larger buttons are useful for people with poor eyesight and those with rheumatism or arthritis. The ultimate mobile phone for mobility issues and disability.

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