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Care Home Supplies and Furniture

March 19, 2019 -
nurse using hoist to move patient to bed

CareCo has a wide range of goods that support nursing homes and professional carers. Whether you run a care home or provide home care services, these products will make your patients more comfortable and your work easier.

Profiling and Care Beds

profiling bed

Our profiling and care beds are built to the highest standards and will provide residents of your care home with superior comfort, while also making it easier for you to care for your patients.

The Classic Profiling Bed comes with a vertical height adjustment to raise the bed for easier patient care, drop down bed rails, and a pull-up handle to help residents get themselves up. A good quality nursing bed will not only make your job much easier, but provide more comfort and reassurance to those in your care.

Bedding and Mattress Covers

We sell disposable bed pads, washable bed pads, waterproof sheets and mattress covers and pillow cases. These all help when washing patients as well as managing incontinence problems. Our single duvet covers and mattress covers meet NHS standards and are breathable and also effective against dust mites and bacteria. You can find all these products in the bedroom accessories department.

Incontinence Pads and Pants

We stock a range of incontinence pads & stretch pants for men and women, from a range of brands including AMD, Lille Healthcare, TENA, Kylie, Confitex and Age UK. These products are all invaluable when your patients start to develop incontinence problems, and especially so when they may not inform their carers of an accident. These help reduce embarrassment and improve dignity for those in your care. universal toilet frame

Toilet Frames and Lifts

Many elderly patients require some assistance getting on and off the toilet, and our toilet frames and seat raisers make it easier for people to independently use the toilet.

Hoists and Transit Wheelchairs

Our electric medical hoists and slings can help you move patients up to 175kg in weight and provide a safe and comfortable way to move patients with severe mobility issues.

All patient hoists are on wheels so you can lift a patient and them move patients from bed to bathroom without the additional transfer to a transit wheelchair. We also have a range of transit wheelchairs.

While most are lightweight travel wheelchairs, the CareCo Voyager Heavy Duty Transport Chair is perfect for more frequent use. If you are providing home care, the CareCo Fold and Go with Carry Bag is the perfect choice.


Albany Rattan Adjustable CommodeCommodes are the perfect choice if your patient is still reasonably mobile, but not quite mobile enough to get to the bathroom by themselves. 

We also sell a Mobile Commode that can double up as a transit wheelchair, and also allows you to quickly move the commode to your patient without having to carry it. if you are running a more upmarket care home, then the Ludlow Commode is a perfect additional to all bedrooms as it can be used as an occasional chair as well as a commode.

Commode liners also reduce the time to keep a commode clean and fresh. We have a large range of our own CareCo commodes here.

Bath Transfer Aids

A good bath transfer bench helps you to help your patient into the bath. People never forget the comfort and warmth a good bath brings and bath time is one of the few luxuries that less mobility people can still enjoy, with a little help form their professional carer.

Independence and Comfort

For patients who are still mobile, a selection of Hospital Walkers is a good idea as this will help people get around by themselves while reducing the risk of falls. Comfortable patients are happy patients, so for the best treat, install some riser recliner chairs that will provide all day comfort out of bed.

The Heritage Riser Recliner comes in an easy to clean faux leather, and combined with a large waterproof chair protector. Also, fireside chairs are always a favourite in nursing homes as they are very comfortable and also easier to get up from. They are also more sociable chairs, as people sit upright and are more likely to engage with others in the room.

Sometimes it is necessary to serve tea and meals to a person in bed or an armchair, and on these occasions a good quality over chair table is recommended. We also sell a range of arthritis & disability friendly crockery and cutlery along with non spill beakers.

At CareCo we pride ourselves at providing the best care and mobility aids at the most competitive prices. Order online or call our sales team on 0333 015 5000 to discuss your needs.

Jon Wade
Jon Wade

Jon has been working at CareCo since 2019. He uses his extensive product knowledge to provide insights and advice on the best mobility aids for every occasion.

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