How To Take Care of Your Feet with CareCo Foot Care Accessories

foot care

Our feet get put under so much strain and stress. We often feel the most fatigue in our feet and nothing feels better than a nice sit down at the end of the day and putting our feet up to relax. We know how important it is to care for your feet and your toes, that’s why we have carefully selected the following CareCo foot care products. Take the weight off your feet, sit back, relax, and enjoy a little pampering.

Zest Infrared Foot Massager

foot massagerGive your feet the pampering they deserve with our Zest Infrared Foot Massager. This massager incorporates acupressure on the arches, front soles and heels, with an interior airbag providing pressure on the instep. Pure luxury.

pair of gel slippersGel Slippers

Not all slippers are the same and with some revolutionary synthetic materials on the market, natural is not necessarily best anymore. The use of gel as an insulator has now made its way into our clothing. These gel slippers are an ideal foot care accessory for when you’re walking around the home, using not only gel but high-density foam too. The benefits include relief of joint and muscle aches and pains as well as keeping your feet warm.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

Comfi Foot Warmer

Looking like a single giant slipper, this fleece-lined Comfi Foot Warmer offers the sort of warmth and comfort you rarely find elsewhere. Your extremities lose the most heat and with poor circulation you will feel much colder than you are. Prevent this heat loss and keep warm overall by protecting and comforting the one place where people often lose the most heat . No plugging in, no charging required, this uses simple features to help you feel comfortable and warm in those autumn and winter evenings.