Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness CareCo Products

breast cancer awareness

Supplying excellent mobility products is obviously the focus of what we do here at CareCo, but we also strive to get involved with good causes. One way we do this is by combining these areas and there’s no better example than our special edition range of Breast Cancer Awareness products. Among this range are a variety of different mobility aids – all in a fetching pink – that when sold a portion of the profits is donated to Breast Cancer Haven. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the products.

Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Crutches and Walking Stick

The first special edition products in the Breast Cancer Awareness range are the CareCo Crutches and the Harmony Walking Stick. As you can probably discern both are walking aids, but with different strengths and benefits.

Thttps://www.careco.co.uk/item-s-wa05067/breast-cancer-awareness-crutches/he CareCo Crutches are ideal for those who have an injury – temporary or permanent – and need to keep their weight – or most of it – off a particular foot. The cuffs comfortably support the upper arm without restricting movement and the handles are ergonomically shaped to be comfortable in the hand. The crutches are also adjustable to the required height.

Harmony Breast Cancer Awareness Walking StickThe Harmony Walking Stick is best suited for those who require some help with balance or assistance for weakness in their legs. Like the crutches the handle is shaped to be comfortable to hold and it also has a wrist tassel to prevent dropping it. Additionally, it can be height adjusted just like the crutches.

With each sale of these products £1 is donated to Breast Cancer Haven.

Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Rollator

Endeavour Breast Cancer Awareness RollatorThe next product within this range is the Endeavour Rollator. This walking aid is ideal for those who have difficulty with balance and stamina as it can provide wheeled support, as well as a small seat to rest on when the user become tired. There is also a loop brake system that can be applied gradually or locked in position to keep it stationary. Finally, there are practical touches such as height adjustable handles and under seat storage.

With each sale of the Endeavour £5 is donated to Breast Cancer Haven.

Special Edition Breast Cancer Transit Wheelchair

CareCo Aspire Transit Wheelchair breast cancer awarenessMoving up through the range we find the CareCo Aspire Transit Wheelchair. This is the ideal mobility product for individuals who need the constant use of a wheelchair with and attendant, or the intermittent use due to a variable disability. The Aspire has been designed to be comfortable to sit in while also being easy to transport. This is achieved though clever choice of materials such as a light but sturdy aluminium frame and thin but supportive nylon seat. The chair can also be quickly folded and unfolded for storage in the boot of car.

Each sale of the CareCo Aspire sends £10 to Breast Cancer Haven.

Special Edition Breast Cancer Travel Scooter

Valour Breast Cancer Awareness ScooterThe flagship product of this special edition range is the Valour Travel Scooter. As with any good travel scooter, the Valour is designed to be easily portable. The portability is achieved through the next generation splitting mechanism, allowing the scooter to split into six sections, aiding weight reduction and ease of storage. You don’t require any special tools either, as each piece is released with either the push of button or pull of a lever.

For every Valour that is sold £20 is donated to Breast Cancer Haven.

So, next time you’re looking for a product in one of these areas – and you don’t mind being seen in pink – why not consider one from the Breast Cancer Awareness range and help a good cause?