Could the Bellavita Bath Lift Help You Retain Your Independence?

Bellavita Bathlift
Bellavita Bath Lift
The Bellavita Bath Lift has a reclining feature for added comfort while bathing.

It’s fair to say that recognising you need help overcoming the obstacles in the bathroom can be difficult to accept. There are plenty of products available that can help you to keep yourself fresh and clean, but what are the options for those of you who still want to enjoy the luxury of a full bath? Here we look at the Bellavita Bath Lift.

What are Bath Lifts?

Bath lifts can range from the fairly basic to more sophisticated models including a whole host of extras. And even though you will be able to find a wide range of designs, each incorporating different features, the basic functions of this mobility aid remain largely the same. Primarily, a bath lift is designed to help you safely lower yourself into the bath, and to raise you up when you are finished bathing. With fully waterproof controls and motors you can fill the tub before you lower yourself in, or sit in the tub as it fills.

They generally come in two designs: motor-driven or inflatable:

Motor-driven bath lifts incorporate reinforced plastic seats to provide a strong and sturdy option, and can be ideal for those with reduced upper body strength. Supportive backrests can help to keep you upright and comfortable, and most motor-driven bath lifts feature floating battery-powered remotes, so you can keep it close at hand. Despite the slightly larger design, they can still be removed at any time for cleaning, and are compact enough to be discreetly stored.

Inflatable bath lifts are a good alternative for those looking to save more space in the bathroom. If the bathroom gets a lot of traffic, you might not want a motor-driven bath lift taking up valuable space. They are usually constructed from an inflatable plastic seat, with an electric pump to provide inflation.

The Bellavita Bath Lift Review

Bellavita Hand Control
The Bellavita Bath Lift has a floating handset.

The Bellavita Bath Lift is one of the most popular bath lifts at CareCo. And for good reason too. With a design based on the advice of nursing and medical professionals, the Bellavita is lightweight, sturdy and ideal for anyone who finds the process of getting in and out of the bath uncomfortable and painful.

Despite the incredible total weight of just 6.4 kg / 1 stone, the Bellavita can comfortably support users of up to 140 kg / 22 stone. The height range of 6–48cm helps you to enjoy a full-depth bathing experience, while you can also recline up to 50 degrees for absolute relaxation. The compact design couples with a lithium battery to make the Bellavita bath lift safe to transport on an aircraft, and the design will fit most bath tubs.

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