Get A Better Night’s Sleep With Our Incontinence Aids

elderly woman sleeping in bed

Many people have to struggle with incontinence difficulties, which can make ordinary routine very difficult. An essential part of anyone’s routine is a good night of undisturbed sleep, but when you have incontinence this can be a rarity. Here at CareCo, we provide bedtime accessories that can minimise the impact that any unfortunate accidents might have on your sleep.

Bed Protection Against Incontinence

The first stage to minimising the impact of a night-time mishap is to purchase specialised bed products that are designed for incontinence. Here are just a few excellent options:

DryTec Waterproof Sheet

waterproof mattress protectionThese DryTec Waterproof Sheets have been made to be both comfortable and absorbent. The top layer is designed to look just like regular cotton bedding, making it breathable and kind to your skin. Available in blue and pink colour schemes, designed to look just like your regular cotton bedding. Fitting the sheet is easy as it tucks around the sides of the mattress and its machine washable.

Waterproof Duvet Set

This Waterproof Duvet Set is as soft as a typical duvet product but it’s made from materials that can better repel liquids. This is excellent protection against incontinence episodes as it stays drier than typical duvet sets, so you’ll be less likely to wake you in the night. Then when you do wake up and need to clean it you can wipe it down or machine wash it. It’s also available in three vibrant designs and single and double sizes.

Bedtime Incontinence Clothing

For those with more severe cases of incontinence it’s worth considering purchasing clothing that can act as another layer of protection during the night:

Incontinence Underwear

If you struggle with more severe episodes of incontinence then purchasing some disposable specialised underwear is a sensible investment. The materials and construction are ideal for soaking up fluid and it’s still comfortable to wear. The variety of styles means you’ll be able to find the right one regardless of your gender or body shape and, they even come with different levels of absorbency for different needs.

Confitex Underwear

Confitex underwear is designed to provide incontinence proof underwear while remaining discreet and stylish. Although it may not have the same maximum absorbency as some higher priced disposable underwear, it’s perfect for those situations where you don’t want to advertise your condition. There are both men’s and women’s products in a modern style that can be purchased in both light and moderate absorbency variants. They are also reusable and machine washable.

As mentioned, these are just few ways of protecting against any unfortunate bedtime episodes, there are even more options available in our incontinence shop.