Which Bath Lifts Are Best For Your Mobility Needs?

bath lift types

If you’re looking to purchase a bath lift to help you get in and out of the tub then it’s important to know there’s more than one type available. To help you decide which one will suit your needs and preferences the best here’s a rundown of bath lift types and their advantages.

Chair Style Bath Lift Types

The most common of the bath lift types is the chair style. Because of their commonality they’re the most varied within their category. However, they take the same basic approach presenting a number of advantages:

Easy to Install

Splash Bath Lift typesOne of the benefits of the chair style bath lift is the simplicity of the installation. No screws, adhesive or special fittings are required, just unfold the lift and place it in the tub. As long as it’s a traditionally shaped bath (and not a roll top) then you shouldn’t encounter any trouble. This also makes it easy to remove when someone else doesn’t need to use it.

Supportive for All Users

The chair shape of this type of bath lift has major advantages over others: support. Having a backrest takes away much of the physical strain having to sit up straight and prevents you falling backwards and causing injury. If you have difficulty with core strength then this is an invaluable feature as it massively increases ease of use and safety.

Inflatable Bath Lift Types

Inflatable bath lifts are a unique take on the mobility aid and they are much more of a rarity. However, they still have a lot of benefits if it’s the route you choose to take:

Mangar Bathing Cushion bath lift typesEasy to Transport

A major advantage of the inflatable style bath lift over other types is its portability. When not in use the lift is deflated, meaning it can be folded up and packed away taking up minimal space and is not heavy to lift. The Mangar Bathing Cushion even folds into a bag shape to help transportation. Only the powerpack has any significant weight and even that’s compact and has a handle.

It Goes to the Bottom

An inflatable bath lift can also go much close to the bottom of the bathtub than chair types. When completely deflated you’ll only be a centimetre or two away from the floor, so you can completely submerge yourself for a proper soak. In contrast, the chair bath lift types usually have to leave a couple of inches due to the bulkier mechanism.

Belt Bath Lift Types

The final type of bath lift is the belt bath lift. These are the most expensive among the three but they offer an approach to the bath lift that is innovative and convenient:

CareCo Aquabathe Bath Lift typesDiscreet and Unobtrusive

Belt bath lift types are the most discreet way to install a bath lift. Since the ‘seat’ is just a belt that extends across the bath in it can be kept out the way stored in the main unit when not in use. This keeps space available for when others don’t need to use it and is also looks far less obvious, keeping the décor of your bathroom unspoiled.

It Has Bonus Features

Being pricier than most bath lifts you would expect a belt lift to have more extras than just an innovative lift mechanism. Fortunately, this is exactly the case. The Aquabathe is one belt lift with a host of extra features that include; a thermometer to help manage the water temperature, built in grab rail, floating remote and fully submergible belt.

Now you know the major advantages of each bath lift type you can select the right one for you. Don’t forget, all our bath lifts can be covered with Bath Lift Warranty for extra peace of mind.