Why A Bath Lift May Be Perfect For You

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We understand that when you suffer with mobility issues keeping yourself clean can become a problem, especially if you find getting in and out of the bath or shower difficult. We recently wrote a blog on how to keep yourself clean through a number of products available, but we recognise that many people don’t want to give up the luxury and relaxation of a bath – which is why a bath lift may be the ideal product for you.

Bellavita Bath Lift
Bellavita Bath Lift

One of the best bath lifts available on the market at the moment is the Bellavita Bath Lift, a powerful piece of equipment tough enough to compete against any of the more expensive brands out there. Designed with the help of nursing and medical professionals, this lightweight yet sturdy lift is ideal for anyone who struggles to get in and out of the bath, or finds certain movements uncomfortable or painful. Weighing in at only 1st (14 pounds), the Bellavita is able to accommodate users of up to 22 stone (140 kg), and has a height range between 6-48cm, measurements to rival many other lifts available.

It’s fully waterproof, easy-to-use remote control enables you to smoothly lower yourself into the bath, down to its 6cm limit (one of the lowest on the market), and then raise yourself up and out, with the Bellavita designed to fit most tubs. Not only that but the Bellavita also lets you recline yourself backwards by up to 50 degrees, letting you select your level of comfort and relaxation. Easy to operate and install, this bath lift can also be transported for use away on holiday and abroad, with its compact design, light weight, and lithium battery safe for transportation via aeroplane.

Given 4.5/5 stars by our customers, this product has been described as ‘strong’, ‘easy to use’, ‘quick to clean’ and ‘allows independent bathing’, just some of the great reasons why the Bellavita Bath Lift can help change your life for the better.

Mangar Bathing Cushion
Mangar Bathing Cushion

However, if a bath lift doesn’t sound suitable for your needs, CareCo also offer a wide range of bathing aids and accessories which can make the experience a whole lot easier and less stressful. Alongside various lifts, we also stock bathing cushions, such as the Mangar Bathing Cushion, which inflates to help lift you in and out of the tub, great for those who have upper body strength but find lifting their legs painful or troublesome. We also stock various shower stools and chairs, helping to improve your shower experience, and bathroom grab rails and handles, such as the Dual Rotating Suction 12″ Grab Bar with Indicator. With its tool-free installation and removal, this hand rail won’t damage your bathroom tiles, leaving you able to move it around the room as you please.

Its release levers make it clear when the handle isn’t attached to the wall, taking away the confusion and worry of using this type of equipment, and its strong hold will keep you upright time and time again. If you’re looking for a reliable showering stool, try the 360 Rotating Shower Seat, which has received excellent reviews from customers. Made from lightweight aluminium metal, this stool won’t rust, making it suitable for multiple uses over many years. Its sturdy design and height adjustable legs can accommodate weights of up to 18st 13lbs (120kg), helping to give back independence and dignity to a whole variety of people.

With safety, comfort, reliability and quality our top priorities here at CareCo, we’re the discount mobility company you can trust.

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