Enjoy Bathing Again With Our Bath Lift Accessories

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Have you recently purchased a bath lift from us? We hope it gives you many years of happy use allowing you to bathe in peace, comfort, and safety. While this is a great mobility investment in itself, you may find it’s not enough on its own – you might need a few extras. We carry a range of accessories to improve your bathing experience further still. The following list of bath lift accessories are some of our favourites, bestsellers, and those we feel may be useful to you.

Plastic Bath Step

When you have mobility difficulties simply getting up and into the bath lift can be a struggle in itself. Some people will need extra leverage or clearance to get over the side of the bath. This simple bath step in the range of bath lift accessories is lightweight and sturdy, but it’s also wide with a broad foot, ensuring stability as you climb over the threshold of your bath. The inclusion of a non-slip textured surface on which to stand means that slipping is unlikely. This is an added bonus as water around the outside of the bath is a well-known slip hazard. Simple and effective; it’s one of the best accessories we carry.

Comfy Babath lift accessories cushionth Cushion

Bath lifts aren’t the most comfortable mobility device for everyone, but it’s one case where function takes precedence over comfort. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t seek to make your bathing experience as comfortable as possible when browsing bath lift accessories. Lean back and enjoy the Comfi Bath Pillow for superior head and neck support. Powerful suction cups mean it won’t slide down your back while trying to relax in the tub.

Premier Comfort Swivel & Slide Seat

For people who need extra help turning and moving while in the bath, look no further than the Premier Comfort Swivel & Slide Seat. This a great turntable for moving the patient around to help them in and out of the bath. This item combines the fluid and simple turning of the Disk, but with an extra attachment to allow the patient to slide while seated. This is so they may move down or up the surface of the bath for maximum comfort. The best part is that the sliding mechanism operates only under the user’s weight.

Bath Lift Transport Bagbath lift accessories bag

Mobility difficulties should never mean that you can’t enjoy that romantic mini break or other weekend away. However, most hotels and guesthouses don’t have mobility accessories such as a bath lift. You may find you want and need to take your device with you so you can enjoy a good soak. Few luggage items are sufficient to carry the device and all associated equipment. But the Bath Lift Transport Bag is ideal. It will keep most models all in one handy place. What’s more, it’s strong enough to carry the equipment. Don’t leave home without your bath lift with this fantastic item from the bath lift accessories range.