CareCo Bariatric Devices and Accessories

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Here at CareCo, we do our best to supply stock to customers with a range of medical and disability requirements. One of the areas that we know is important is in bariatric support. The term “bariatric” is the medical word used to describe people in need of care for obesity related conditions. For individuals with larger body frames, bariatric devices and accessories provide the extra support needed to carry the additional weight. Here, we highlight some of our best sellers and favourite devices.

bariatric wheelchairBariatric Sentra EC SP

One of the most popular areas for bariatric devices and accessories is in our range of wheelchairs for very overweight and obese poeple. The Bariatric Sentra EC Self Propelled Wheelchair is affordable self-propelled wheelchair comes in three size choices: 20”, 22” and 24” and carries users up to 32 stone in weight and has a level of comfort that many others in its class cannot surpass. The user may adjust the seat height for greater comfort and ease of use when moving about the home. Add to this the soft embossed vinyl and the padded armrests and you have one of the cosiest bariatric wheelchairs presently on the market.

Winsham Bariatric High Back Chair

Few bariatric chairs are both comfortable and stylish, but the Winsham extra wide high back chair certainly fits that description. If your hips sometimes struggle to fit into a chair, the Winsham is the chair for you. This chair is modelled on several other types of chair we supply with the added benefit of sturdiness to carry heavier users. However, it’s not all about aesthetics; the padded armrests and back design aids transfer from a wheelchair to a chair and back again, reducing the risk of injury. What’s more, it has wheels that will fold away so an attendant can move the chair into position with greater ease.

Comfort at home for elderly and less abled

Heavy Duty Walkers

Some, but not all bariatric patients, require support while moving. This may be to try and lose weight, or perhaps to regain strength in the back and legs while recovering from an injury. This rollator supports obese individuals has many features designed to aid mobility. The brakes apply automatically if the user stumbles and the device and the roller stops every time the user takes a break. With an adjustable height feature, you’ll find few safety walkers as well suited to bariatric needs.

Deluxe Bariatric Drop Arm Commodebariatric commode

The simple act of going to the toilet can be one of the most arduous and stressful actions for some morbidly obese patients. It’s not always easy or possible to get to a toilet, that’s why some people require a commode. There are several commodes in the bariatric devices and accessories range, but the Deluxe Bariatric Drop Arm Commode is a top of the range model with a few extra features. It’s made of steel tubing covered in a protective white powder coating to reduce corrosion. Designed to carry up to 300kg in weight (around 47 stone), it has a simple snap-on seat and padded armrests for superior comfort.

Invacare Octave

People with weight problems need extra support when in bed, even those who are not bed bound. We supply a number of suitable care beds with this one being amongst the most popular. Carrying a weight of up to 60 stone, the Octave is a 4-sectioned electric bed model that provides supreme control over the angle, aiding the user’s comfort and making it easy for any carer to aid the user. It’s possible to detach the ends for better access; one side of the bed has no hard frame to improve access when getting in and out.