Instroducing The New AirLite 3 Travel Mobility Scooter – Discontinued

The AirLite 3 has been replaced with the Abilize Trident.

If you’re looking for an introduction into the world of mobility aids a travel mobility scooter is a great first choice to make. Light in weight, incredibly portable, wallet-friendly – what more could you want?! But what are the benefits of owning a smaller, more compact scooter over some of the larger, bulkier models? In today’s blog we’re going to try and answer this question by reviewing the benefits of the new CareCo AirLite 3 Travel Mobility Scooter, exclusively stocked by CareCo.

Sleek and Compact Mobility Scooter

CareCo AirLite 3 Mobility Scooter

As you can see from its frame the AirLite 3 is sleek, simple and compact, with good reason – it’s the lightest travel mobility scooter available in CareCo’s wide range. Weighing only 6st (39kg), the AirLite is easy to ride, especially considering its 3-wheel configuration, making moving from room to room or around shops effortless. On top of this the AirLite 3 is fitted with a next generation splitting system activated through the simple lift of a lever at the rear of the scooter.

This enables the frame to split into four separate sections: the main body (with folding tiller bar), the padded seat, the rear wheels and the sturdy wire basket. With the heaviest part weighing only 2st 2lbs (14kg) the AirLite is easy to transport, ideal for storing in your car boot ready for days out with family and friends, alongside taking with you on holiday whether you decide on a ‘staycation’ or to travel further afield. With lightweight parts the AirLite is manageable for many and easy to assemble, whether this is carried out by yourself or a carer.

8 Mile Range On 12 Ah battery

Despite its light weight the AirLite doesn’t compromise on performance. With its 12 Ah battery this travel scooter is able to cover 8 miles (12km) between charges, giving you plenty of power to get from A to B and back home again. Again, despite its compact size and portability the AirLite is able to accommodate for user weight up to 18 stone (114kg), opening up a whole new way to travel for a wide range of users. With a maximum speed of 4mph you can safely travel via pavement to get to your destination without the worry of losing control.

AirLite 3 Disassembled
AirLite 3 Disassembled

Unlike other travel scooters on the market the AirLite uses a simple, easy to understand interface making journeys out uncomplicated and stress-free. With its adjustable standard tiller you’re able to ensure you’re positioned comfortably before setting out, with the puncture-proof tyres and anti-roll back system ensuring a safe and smooth ride. Plus, at the end of the day you don’t have to worry about trying to remove the batteries to charge them, as you’re able to power up whilst they’re still connected to the scooter frame – easy!

As with any other piece of CareCo-branded equipment the AirLite guarantees to make you feel as if you’ve taken back your independence, granting you the ability and determination to venture outside alone without the worry of not being able to use your travel scooter properly.

Included with the AirLite you’ll receive batteries and a charger, with free courier delivery to your door, 12 months parts and labour warranty PLUS 3 months free insurance and breakdown cover! If you’d like a more personalised delivery you can opt for CareCo’s Engineered Delivery service – a professional mobility engineer will deliver your scooter, set it up, give you a thorough demonstration and answer any questions you may have, taking away any packaging and rubbish at the end of the day, leaving you to enjoy your new scooter.

Easy to maneourve, compact in size and low in price – the CareCo AirLite 3 is everything you could want from a travel mobility scooter!

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