Simple Everyday Accessories to Help Cool You Down This Summer


As the weather begins to get warmer and sunnier it gets harder to keep comfortably cool. Sweaty seats, muggy evenings and drowsy afternoons can make what should be a pleasant summers day seem exhausting. To help you keep cool when the temperature skyrockets, CareCo have a number of useful and versatile everyday accessories. Here are a select few.

Cool Mattress Topper

Cool Mattress Topper PadTrying to stay cool on a hot night is one of the uncomfortable parts of summer we all experience. The tossing and turning to avoid getting sweaty, sticking out a leg to lower our temperature, none of it seems to work for long enough.

Fortunately, the Cool Mattress Topper can help solve this inconvenience. By placing this under or over the bottom sheet you can have a cool feeling bed all night long. As you lie on top of it the gel filling releases a cooling feeling. It doesn’t go ice cold, instead a dry and refreshing lowering of temperature happens. No more sweatiness, no more restlessness, just refreshing nights of sleep all summer long.

Cool Pillow Pad

Cool Pillow PadA great accompaniment to the Mattress Topper is the Cool Pillow Pad. That refreshing sensation of the cold side of the pillow is a welcome one on a summers night but it never seems to last long enough. The Pillow Pad can be placed on top or inside the pillow case to give you that sensation all night long. That same dry coolness that’s provided by the Mattress Topper can be found on your pillow, keeping you comfortable from head to toe.

Cool Seat

Cool SeatTaking time on a hot summer day to sit down and rest is important to avoid overheating, but many chairs can be sweaty and uncomfortable to sit in for more than a few minutes. Getting up and having sticky back and a soaked though top is never a pleasant experience.

The Cool Seat chair pad eliminates this problem. Like the Mattress Topper and Pillow Pad, when you put pressure on the product a dry and refreshing cooling sensation is realised. So, whether you’re in a hot car, a leather armchair or even if you use a wheelchair or mobility scooter you can simple place this on top of the seat to help you remain feeling cool and fresh.

Rechargeable Small but Mighty Fan

Rechargeable Small but Mighty Fan coolA fan in the summer is a must have if you find it difficult to acclimatise to the heat. However, many interior fans are incredibly noisy, bladeless models are painfully expensive, and those little portable ones are handy, but don’t last all that long on a set of double A batteries.

This is where the Rechargeable Small but Mighty Fan comes in. Since it packs a bigger punch than its size suggests it can be used in place of an interior fan for when you’re nowhere a plug socket and it will make lot less noise doing its job. It’ll even last a maximum of eight hours, much more than your typical portable fan. So, whether you’re enjoying a cold drink in the garden, or just need the benefit of a breeze indoors, you can keep the Small but Mighty Fan nearby.

These are just a few CareCo accessories that can keep you feeling cool this summer, plenty others can be found in our living aids section, along with a host of other useful products.