10 New Mobility Products To Make Life a Little Easier in 2020

New products in 2020

We bring hundreds of new mobility products to the market every year and it can be hard to keep up with everything we have to offer, so today we’re looking at some of the newest products that are designed to make life a little easier and more comfortable.

Elastic Shoe Laces

If your joints have stiffened up a little you may be finding it harder to bend down and tie your shoe laces.

Rather than give up on your favourite old laced shoes completely you can now get elasticated shoe laces – they look just like normal laces but stretch, effectively turning your shoe into a slip-on.

Easi Vision Handheld Magnifier

magnifying glass used to read a bookIf there is one certainty in life it’s that your eyesight will get worse and you’ll find it harder to read print.

The Easi Vision Handheld Magnifier is the latest in our range of magnifying glasses and what makes it special is that it has a extra powerful lens within the main lens, which helps read the really small print often found on instructions labels.

Medi-Gel Comfort Massaging Insoles

gel insole being put into a shoeThese gel insoles are a great way to ease the discomfort of walking. They also help to keep your feet cool, and to further aid circulation there is a magnetic spot that the manufacturer believes aids blood flow.

These gel insoles not only make the feet more comfortable, by reducing impact when walking they can help with ankle, knee and hip problems too. They provide suspension for your feet to make your whole body feel better.

Phone & Accessory Holder

phone holder on a wheelchairThis phone and accessory holder is designed to easily attach to any wheelchair. It is perfect for keeping your phone, bank cards and other small items safely attached to your chair where you can easily access it. It has a clear front pouch that is ideal for storing ID cards and travel cards.

There’s a double zip so it can be opened either side, and as well as clips to attach to the wheelchair frame it also has a snap clip. Fits phones up to Samsung S10 Plus, iPhone 8, and G7 Play, and smartphones of similar size.

Universal Boot Protector

car boot protectorMuddy wheelchair wheels can quickly make a mess of your fabric car boot – the CareCo Universal Boot Protector has been designed to help protect your car. Simply unfold it from its handy carry pouch and lay out on the floor of your car boot for an instant protective cover.

It is easy to wash and can even be tumbled dried if you’re in a hurry. It doesn’t just protect against dirt though, it will protect against nicks and damage too. Of course, you don’t have to use it for mobility equipment, if you’re transporting muddy prams or dogs, or taking rubbish to the recycling centre, then it is just as effective.

Lock & Grip Arthritis Friendly Grabber

Handy grabbers are one of the most useful tools to have around the house for anybody who finds it hard to either bend down or reach up. Whether you need a book from a high shelf or to pick up items on the floor, the Lock & Grip Arthritis Friendly Grabber makes it easy.

It is also designed with a unique handle that requires less movement and grip that aids people with arthritis and other issues with hand mobility. It can be used for many daily tasks, such as opening and closing curtains, picking up dropped laundry and reaching tins at the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Easy Glide Sock Slide

One of the first tasks of the day is often the hardest. With this fantastic device you will no longer struggle to get your socks on – just place your sock on the Easy Glide Sock Slide and slide your foot in. It can also be used to help get your shoes on, so two great mobility aids in one!

SureWalk Walking Stick

2 men sitting on a bench comparing walking sticksThe SureWalk Walking Stick is our stylish new stick that folds up for easy storage and transport, and also has a 4 pronged foot for extra stability – the stick is so stable it can stand up by itself!

If you are looking for your first walking stick and want something modern and practical that can easily be stored away when not required.


CareCo Scooter Armrest Pannier

When venturing out you can never have enough storage. Most of our mobility scooters come with a front basket, but this is not always enough, and many people do not wish to place valuable items in the front basket, especially when in busy areas.

The CareCo Scooter Armrest Pannier provides handy storage for personal items, mobile phones, tablets or just extra space for some shopping. There are pockets on the outside and inside of the bag, so you can keep your more valuable items by your side, There is also a compartment for holding a small drinks bottle or pair of glasses, and is a great choice for students too and professionals alike.

Aerofold Ramp

lightweight tramp from doorway with mobility scooter on itThe Aerofold Ramp is our newest ramp. It is super lightweight and very easy to place and move. It is suitable for all mobility products, from rollators and manual wheelchairs to electric powerchairs and large mobility scooters.

Its innovative cheese grater style design that splits into two parts makes it very light while still maintaining its strength. The best choice of ramp for just about any mobility access situation.

So there’s our pick of the 10 best mobility products to look out for in 2020, enjoy!