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What types of Incontinence Pads are there to choose from?
Incontinence pads are needed by a whole range of people, so are available in a variety of different designs, sizes, shapes and absorbency rates. Whether you're looking for underwear pads, pants or bed protection, we're sure to have something suitable for your needs. We also stock an assortment of larger, stretching pads, great for keeping you comfortable and dry all day long. We also stock smaller sizes ideal for children and young adults.
What do I need to consider when purchasing Incontinence Pads?
The two main areas you need to consider when making a purchase is the size you require and the level of absorbency. Each product we stock will come with its size and absorbency measurement - the higher the number the higher the rating. This will also be accompanied by whether the product is intended for male or female use - men tend to use pull-up underwear while women use pads. Carefully consider your needs to ensure you're getting the best products available.
What other things should I consider when making my purchase?
You'll also want to consider how many individual pieces you'll need. For example, pads tend to come in packs, which can be sold by the case. Do you need to use a pad on a regular basis? If so, you may be better off buying in bulk, saving you money in the long run. This could be a more cost effective solution to your problem. You may also want to consider investing in bed/chair protection such as pads and wipe-clean pillows, or a commode chair to erase the anxiety surrounding getting to the toilet in time.
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