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Living Aids

Living Aids
What types of Living Aids are there to choose from?
We stock a wide variety of living aids, one for nearly every problem or task you might encounter on a day-to-day basis. From dressing yourself to opening jars to tackling the garden, there are living aids suitable for use all over the house. We also stock a variety of watches, hearing aids and exercise machines, all designed to help keep you active and healthy.
What do I need to consider when buying a Living Aid?
When looking to purchase a living aid you need to consider the main problems you encounter in your daily life to ensure you're not spending money on items you might not need. We stock a living aid for nearly every problem so you're sure to find something that's best suited to you and your needs.
Living Aids
What type of Living Aid is right for me?
Again, you need to ask yourself what your biggest struggle is around the house. Do you have trouble holding standard cutlery and require something with a larger handle? Are you looking for a way to store your pills and medication? Want to keep your joints limber with a pedal exerciser? If you suffer from mobility issues you may encounter problems in every room, but with CareCo you'll find a solution for nearly every problem with our range of products.
Are there other Living Aids to consider?
Alongside house aids CareCo also stock products to keep you clean and help you dress yourself. Whether you're after a no-water solution to washing your hair and body or are looking for hygiene products to disinfect your household surfaces, to specially fitted socks and slippers or a dressing hook to secure fiddly zips, you're bound to find something to aid you in your daily life.
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